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You never want tobe that person who shows up to a holiday party empty handed for the host/hostess.  Many people don’t know proper guest etiquette when it comes to bringing a gift. The size and price doesn’t matter, only focus on what the person will like. No matter how big or small the occasion, it’s polite to show your gratitude by bringing a gift.

Dinner party, holiday party, overnight stay or housewarming, here are a few gift ideas to help you show your appreciation to the host/hostess for welcoming you to their home. 

  • Bouquet of flowers in a vase – Best not to bring the host/hostess a bouquet in paper or plastic wrap as then they’ll have to take time to cut the stems and put in a vase. You don’t want to cause additional work for them, so by bringing the flowers in a vase, you don’t take away from their hosting duties.  
  • Boxed candies or Tin of cookies – bonus points if you find out their favourite kind and give those. 
  • Potted plant – Poinsettia is always a popular choice for the holiday season. With it’s big red petals, it’s known as the Christmas Flower.  
  • Two bottles of wine – always bring two. One to drink during the evening and another for the host/hostess to enjoy at a later date. 
  • Candles –  stick to soft scents; lavender, linen, water lily. If the host/hostess decides to light it during the occasion, you don’t want the scent to overpower the room or clash with the food. 
  • Guest soaps – if candles aren’t your thing, this is the way to go. A way to still bring apothecary to your host/hostess. 
  • Flavoured vinegars or oils – perfect choice for a host/hostess who enjoys cooking and trying new things.
Host and Hostess Gift Etiquette
  • Be discreet while giving the gift. Not everyone may have thought to do so and you don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. 
  • Greet the host or hostess first, then give the gift. 
  • Don’t expect them to use the gift right away or unwrap it on the spot. They are in “hosting” mode and likely don’t want to divert too much attention away from their other guests.
  • If you feel it suits, you can wrap the gift and include a short note.
  • Follow up a few days later with a phone call or message expressing your enjoyment and thanks. 

If the holiday party is a hit and reoccurs each year, these are some great tips to lock in your spot for years to come! It’s always in fashion to be a good guest. 


Emma started her journey after graduating from Fashion Marketing and then Public Relations. After working for a few fashion companies, Emma met Katherine in 2018 after collaborating with her. Emma is now the COO and manages the day-to-day operations and marketing communications of KGMTL and Girls Living Well. Emma is a handbag feen and avid reader.

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