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For the last few years I have written a “letter” to you all but also to myself on my birthday. I am turning 37 and the more years go by the less I actually care to celebrate my birthday or make a “thing” of it, but also I want my birthday acknowledged… it’s a gemini thing! 

When I was in my twenties and early thirties I thought birthdays are a time to celebrate and enjoy with family and friends but the last few years my birthday has felt like more of a time to reflect upon the last year. Almost the way people do on new years. For me, the time leading up to my birthday and after I really like to think about my personal and professional growth as well as my role in society and in the lives of those around me. I basically get introspective and for someone like me that’s not always easy. I am a live in the moment kind of person and tend to be impulsive and don’t like to overthink things. However it’s important to take a moment and look inwards. Give yourself credit where it’s due and look at things that could have been done differently or where you can improve. 

This past year was incredible in so many ways. From a professional standpoint I have been challenged more than ever before. Juggling my influencer business with Girls Living Well and The GLW Shop has been a balancing act but has been incredible and watching something I created out of passion evolve into what it has is truly a blessing. I wake up everyday excited about the day ahead, what’s to come and I know so many don’t have that luxury. I truly love what I do and love that my passions are not only shared with an incredible community but also helping people shift their perspectives on personal care products, supplements and daily choices. It’s truly humbling and amazing. 

I decided to create Kasics this year and wow, what a ride it’s been. Building a new brand from the ground up is quite the experience and not for the faint of heart. I understand why so many who want to start a brand don’t but it is so worth the lessons and hard work. Kasics has pushed me to another level not only professionally but as a human. I have felt the most stress I’ve ever experienced and the most joy. It’s truly been like having or creating a baby. There is so much to come and so much that is unknown but I am thriving in the not knowingness of it all. They say growth happens when you’re uncomfortable and I can see that happening. I look forward to my next birthday to see how far I’ve come and all I have and will learn. 

Now for my personal side, this one is always bitter sweet, especially during moments of reflection. I love my life, I have the most amazing family, husband and doggy! I have incredible friends and this year I feel as though I have found my soul family. Something I had been searching for for the last couple years. As we grow and evolve, our perspectives change and shift and the relationships you have with those you have known for years changes. And I have learnt that that’s okay and the normal progression of life. I had been feeling like I was lacking a tribe, people who viewed things the way I do and who I could connect with on a deeper level. This year I found that and I am so grateful for all the relationships I have built and those that I have had for many years. 

Of course, my birthday is bittersweet because it’s another year I welcome in where Kris and I have not “successfully” started our family. These birthdays are like benchmarks and I can’t help but always say “by my next birthday we will have a baby”. We are still on our journey to parenthood and have faced a lot of challenges this year while also taking important steps to move forward in our journey. Some days I don’t think about it at all and others it’s all I think about. What I have learnt and continue to understand and accept is that in life there are things we just can’t control and you can only do your best. I have really learnt to “let go” and accept that what will be will be. I know our family is coming and I am so proud of all we have gone through as a couple. 

Another thing I want to highlight this year, my personal growth, my willingness to have an open mind and judge less has been amazing. I look back at how I used to think in my twenties and early thirties and I can not believe how my mindset has shifted. It’s so ingrained in me now to accept people as they are, not try and make them what you want them to be. This has been a game changer for me and I wish I could bottle it up and give it to everyone because it’s something so many lack. I have truly understood that each person is coming from their own reality and isn’t thinking about you or your reality. It’s important to remember that the world truly does not revolve around you and everyone has their own story. 

I could go on and on but overall 36 was wonderful, challenging, blissful, stressful and I probably wouldn’t want it any other way! 

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Katherine Garbarino, AKA KGMTL, has been building her online presence for the past 3 years. An open book about almost everything, KG’s voice has become a household sound, with an incredible and dedicated fanbase; obsessed with her knowledge of health, wellness, fashion and fitness.

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