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Our shop site wouldn’t be complete without the brand Agent Nateur. Katherine discovered this brand when they were making 1 product, a deodorant, today, still sold and called “HoliStick”. Today, the brand has many products, each one better than the next. 

Agent Nateur and founder Jena was our first ever brand spotlight feature on Girls Living Well when we launched back in 2019. Katherine and Jena have cultivated a relationship and a support for each other’s brands from the onset of both brands. Can read the interview here.

Agent Nateur believes that our beauty regimens should be a luxurious experience that renews the skin. With a focus on quality and efficacy, all of our skincare is made with youth-illuminating European active ingredients that have been clinically tested, ensuring their safety and potency.

Every Agent Nateur formulation is abundant in natural vitamins, minerals, oils, and plant extracts purchased—with no expense spared—from only the most reputable sources, setting a precedent for natural beauty companies around the world.

It’s our honor to offer unparalleled formulas that replenish the skin without exposing the body to chemicals and toxins. All Agent Nateur products are organic or wild-crafted, non-GMO, cruelty-free, and Ecocert certified, guaranteeing our dedication to sustainability and socially conscious practices.

To launch we are starting with a few of Katherine’s favorites and will be adding in the rest of the Agent Nateur range over the next few weeks.

h o l i ( m a n e )

We expect this to be our best seller from the brand as the demand for this collagen and pearl powder is already off the charts. This tasteless, odorless powder combines two daily powerhouse superfoods: marine collagen and pearl powder. This blend is abundant in over 30 trace minerals, including silica, magnesium, calcium and potassium that support the appearance of optimal hair, skin and nail health. Bioavailable amino acids activate the feel of hair, skin and nail cells to produce the look of collagen and hydration. Nacre, a natural compound in pearl powder, stimulates the appearance of collagen to regenerate. The synergy of this nutrient-dense blend also supports the appearance of two important antioxidants, glutathione and superoxide dismutase, both essential for vitality.

HOW KG USES THIS: 1 scoop a day in either coffee, tea or smoothie. 


h o l i ( b r i g h t )

This mask is a game changer and does it all! Formulated with a combination of powerful ingredients, including aloe vera, french silk peptides, pitaya, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber, this brightening beauty-boosting, resurfacing treatment is deeply hydrating, calming and soothing while also actively and gently resurfacing and refining the texture of your skin and minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Ideal for mature, dry, sensitive, inflamed, or sun-exposed skin, holi(bright) is loaded with antioxidants, perfect for an intensely moisturizing at-home facial, ready to deliver you clean, clear, soft and smooth skin and a radiant, luminous, glass-like ageless glow.

HOW KG USES THIS: Once or twice a week for 30 minutes. Apply with the Agent Brush and let it sit, rinse and apply morning or nighttime skincare on top. 

h o l i ( l o c k s ) 

This product was formulated with another one of Katherine’s friends, Dara Kaye. Long, strong and healthy hair is on everyone’s bucket list but for those whose mane needs a strong helping hand, our high potency, overnight topical strengthening hair serum is the answer.

Backed by advanced hair science and clinical studies, four scientifically proven active ingredients, an array of anti-hair fall, shine-inducing compounds and more, holi (locks) stimulates and encourages healthier looking hair. When applied topically for at least 12 weeks, our overnight strengthening serum helps your hair to appear denser, thicker and fuller, all without the use of harsh silicones.

Holi (locks) is a treatment oil and is NOT a styling oil. This means that it is to be left in hair for a minimum of 8-12 hours and then you wash, style and finish with hair (silk) peptides. It will detangle and make your hair incredibly silky smooth!

HOW KG USES THIS: The night before washing, apply 2 droppers full into the scalp and comb through lengths of the hair. Tie into a loose bun and sleep with it in. Shower and shampoo, style as usual. 

h a i r ( s i l k )

This product was also formulated with Dara Kaye. A styling serum that delivers silky, soft and shiny hair with a blend of nourishing oils, restorative proteins, and replenishing conditioners. hair (silk) peptides is unique from other hair oils because it works with your hair overtime, not just for a day. Formulated with french silk peptides, hyaluronic acid, and monoi – ingredients that hydrate, revive and soften your hair, without the use of harsh silicones.

The serum ensures the look of strong, smooth, soft and shiny hair, while also strengthening the appearance of your mane.

HOW KG USES THIS: 2-3 drops on towel dried hair after shampoo and conditioner as a heat protectant and pre styling product. As needed for added shine, fly aways and dryness. 1 drop at a time!  This product is powerful!

We have many more Agent Nateur products coming soon so stay tuned! 

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