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Hair loss is something I never really experienced and have always taken really good care of my hair. Using great products, regular hair masks, staying away from too many hot tools and getting regular keratin treatments.

This past summer I got covid and about 3 months after that I started noticing I was losing a lot of hair. About 3 times the amount I usually shed when I brush and wash. At first I didn’t think too much of it. We were approaching colder weather and I figured maybe I’m just shedding a little extra. After a few weeks I started to feel a difference in thickness and density of my hair and started to mildly panic.

For anyone wondering, what does covid have to do with hair loss? Well, unfortunately it’s a thing. I had Delta and had fever for about 8 days, amongst other symptoms. That’s a lot on the body and in the moment your body will do what it needs to do to heal you but when you’re done healing the body needs to get back to itself. So when everything starts to try and go back to normal there are going to be areas where you are “off”. Hormones definitely take a hit when the body fights a serious virus and for whatever reason hair loss is one of the fall outs!

As usual, I did what I always do … research and put up my antennas to find the best products to address the issue. I thrive when it comes to beauty problem solving because I have an eye for excellent products and a good amount of knowledge on what’s going on in the market and about ingredients.

There are a ton of amazing products out there and it’s honestly overwhelming. When it comes to fixing a problem sometimes you want to throw every single supplement and treatment at it and hope it all works out but I truly believe doing too much at one time is not the answer. There are 3 products I am using that have made a HUGE difference. I am entering my 4th month using them and the shedding has completely stopped. I’m actually shedding less than I ever have. I also have a TON of regrowth… which isn’t always cute but in due time it will be!



I first found out about this product through Danielle Bernstein (@weworwhat) . She swears by it. That doesn’t mean much to me but ingredients do! This supplement is the perfect blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs. All of which combat shedding, hair growth, skin and nails. Click here for more info on this product.

Something that really drew me to this brand was that it was created by a doctor and that the team at Wellbel is so devoted and invested in their product and brand that they wanted to have a video meeting so we could meet and they could truly teach me all about the product. Not because they wanted me to sell it for them (we actually harassed them to allow us to sell or on The GLW Shop) but because they genuinely know their product works and because they want people to have success using it!

Like any hair growth product or herbal supplement you will not see results in 1 week or even 1 month. I did notice that within 30 days the shedding really slowed down. By the end of my second jar I was seeing lots of new hair! Even my eyelash tech was amazed at all the new eyelash hair! Commit to 3 months minimum and by 6 months you will see a whole new head of hair!


Agent Nateur Holi Mane

It’s not a secret that I am a major fan of Agent Nateur’s products and in the past I was a fan of collagen but when I started doing Fruit til Noon and food combining I kind of stopped using it because I just didn’t know where to fit it in.

Once the hair loss started I knew it was time to get on the Holi Mane train and I am so happy I did. Holi Mane is a Marine collagen and Pearl powder tasteless, odourless supplement that can be added to virtually anything liquid or even oatmeals, soups etc… I add it to my morning coffee or tea and I am pretty obsessed with it.

First of all it not only really helps with hair growth and shedding but the thickness and shine of the hair is insane. It strengthens, from within and not just your hair! Skin and nails as well. It aids in digestion because it repairs the gut! It’s a 360 internal healing approach and the sourcing and ingredients used are the top of the top!


Agent Nateur Holi Locks

It’s almost as if this product launched exactly when I needed it! Dara Kaplan (who is a friend of mine) created this product with Jena (founder of Agent Nateur) along with Holi Silk (which you also need). The Holi Locks product is something I have never seen before and it WORKS!

It’s a serum/ treatment used on dirty hair before you’re going to wash. I always put it in the night before I’m going to wash it. I apply it to my scalp and massage it in. I comb through the lengths of my hair and sleep with it in a loose bun. The next day I wash my hair as normal. The softness this gives the hair is INSANE. I swear when you apply it you feel it working on your scalp. It’s a miracle product.

I use this weekly and I always follow up with HoliSilk after washing pre blow dry to protect my hair from heat and to give it a silky finish.

So that’s the routine. Wellbel, 3 capsules a day, HoliMane 1 scoop a day, Holi Locks before washing and Holi Silk after washing and as needed! Keep us updated on if this works for you too!


Katherine Garbarino, AKA KGMTL, has been building her online presence for the past 3 years. An open book about almost everything, KG’s voice has become a household sound, with an incredible and dedicated fanbase; obsessed with her knowledge of health, wellness, fashion and fitness.

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