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Let’s be honest here; we’ve had quite the year! But I think we can agree that knowing Santa is coming to town gives us something to look forward to.

Well, if that doesn’t do it for you and you’re not a fan of good Ol’ Saint Nick, then maybe getting under the covers with way too many snacks, watching holiday movies will do the trick. 

Here’s a list of old faves and new goodies to remind us of the magic that fills the air this time of the year. 

Love Actually

A forever favorite on the list… especially this year because I need it as a reminder that Hugh Grant isn’t a narcissistic sociopath (The Undoing) but that he’s actually, a quirky prime minister you can’t help but crush on a little.

Love the Coopers

A new favorite I can watch all year; something about watching the chaos of family narrated by the family dog makes you feel a little grounded in your own life.  

The Holiday 

How dreamy is Jude Law!? And can these things really happen…Universe I’m open and waiting! 

Just Friends 

*takes a sip of water…” I’m stuffed!”


the odds of any of this happening are slim to none but I’d like to think one day… maybe

Four Christmases 

fast talking hilarious Vince Vaughn over the holidays…yes please!!!

Last Christmas 

Get your tissues ready 

Home Alone (1 & 2)



“Christmas Spirit. Everybody knows that.”

The Night Before 

On Christmas Eve, three lifelong friends spend the night in New York City looking for the Holy Grail of Christmas parties

Office Christmas Party 

Epic office holiday party!

A Bad Moms Christmas 

Hilarious from start to finish.

Let it Snow

Small town on Christmas Eve.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Original feel-good movie.

Last Holiday

Now as far as newer ones go, Netflix has been really upping the holiday movie game…I’ve semi-retired hallmark (I said semi) Netflix’s production quality is undeniably better and makes it more enjoyable to watch…

A new release Holidate was ok..something about it made it a little cringey but still worth watching if you’re in the mood for the classic let’s just be friends line that magically develops into love. 

The Princess Switch is a couple of years old but the Princess Switch: Switched Again is the sequel and I can’t deny that I enjoyed both; nothing like a classic doppelganger / princess in the making situation, oh and the prince isn’t too bad either.

Holiday in the Wild 

Charlotte takes elephant sanctuary 

Operation Christmas Drop 

Since we haven’t travelled in a while this will satisfy your sandy beach needs 

Fun one for the whole family is The Christmas Chronicles and The Christmas Chronicles 2 .

I could go on forever with this list but for this year I’ll leave you GLWing babes with this and if you need more suggestions cause well what else will we be doing over the holidays write to us in the comment section or if you have any suggestions please share 

Now excuse me while I go watch the freshly released A California Christmas under my weighted blanket. 

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