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If you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day, GOOD FOR YOU! We’ve put together our top 10 things to do with your friends that night. 

1. Treat Yourself to a Fancy Restaurant.

It’s called self love. So grab your friends, enjoy a fancy meal and get that bottle of champagne. Celebrate your love for yourself and for each other. Relationships may come and go but your friends are the true loves of your life. 

2. Grab Some Cheap Tickets to a Sporting Event.

It’s more fun in the nosebleeds section anyway. Yell away with some nachos and beer (and popcorn)

3. Hit up a Speakeasy

Get dressed up and find a hidden gem in your city. Let the mixologist create your dream drink. 

4. Have your Future Told by a Psychic.

Whether you believe in this kind of stuff or not, give it a shot. Either you’ll believe every word and follow that path or you’ll call bullshit and forge your own destiny. 

5. Go Bowling.

Seriously. Bowling is so much fun. Especially cosmic bowling with black lights and bumping music. Who cares about the score, challenge each other to who can throw the ball with the best move. 

6. Sing it out at Karaoke.

Seriously what’s more fun than belting out your favourite Backstreet Boys song?! Grab a group of friends and assign parts. Shotgun Brian!

7. VIP at the Movies.

VIP movie theatres are now a thing. Luxury lazy boy seats, can order food (and wine) right to your seat. I mean, come on, VIP status, yes please. 

8. Have a Dance Party.

Play those old tunes from your adolescence and reminisce about the good old days. Not opposed to also dressing up from that era and bringing back some of those wild hair styles! Yes, I’m talking about high pony’s and a crimper!

9. Themed Movie Night.

If you haven’t done this yet, you need to. Pick a movie theme, for example Harry Potter. Watch all the series in one shot. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing the evolution from start to finish. You’ll thank us later. 

10. Host your own Wine-tasting Party.

If you’re like me and on a budget, by host I mean; everyone buys a bunch of cheap bottles from the local wine store and then sit around tasting the different wines while saying bougie things about the body, aroma and notes. Be your own sommelier.

What other things do you do with your friends? Leave a comment below!

Emma started her journey after graduating from Fashion Marketing and then Public Relations. After working for a few fashion companies, Emma met Katherine in 2018 after collaborating with her. Emma is now the COO and manages the day-to-day operations and marketing communications of KGMTL and Girls Living Well. Emma is a handbag feen and avid reader.

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