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Atena and I filmed this video for my recent trip to Miami and although it has passed these are Atena’s 3 top packing tips for a beach vacation! Atena is not only my friend but a professional wardrobe stylist, packing expert with an amazing Instagram page @fabnstylishatena where she gives tons of outfit inspo, affordable fashion hauls and drool worthy accessories! Be sure to check her out here. 

For Atena’s top 3 packing tips watch our video below! 

Thanks for watching! What are some of your packing tips you swear by?!

Katherine Garbarino, AKA KGMTL, has been building her online presence for the past 3 years. An open book about almost everything, KG’s voice has become a household sound, with an incredible and dedicated fanbase; obsessed with her knowledge of health, wellness, fashion and fitness.

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  1. I put a spare bathing suit ???? change of clothes & tiny flip flops anyway you understand. I put together a tiny kit in my carry on, just in case my luggage doesn’t make it ????

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