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GLWGRLS Sunglasses Organizers

I have always been known as an accessory queen. I love jewelry, I love bags… But I have always, ALWAYS, loved eyewear. The number of sunglasses I have is a little insane, but I am who I am.

When I moved into my new house with Kris, I knew I needed a way to manage my obsession, which is why I put special sunglass drawers into my closet. The island in my closet is where I keep most of my accessories and my sunglasses, well, they sorta took up 5 – 6 drawers. I told you I was obsessed! I made sure each drawer had a velvet lining to ensure that my babies were safe. Velvet lining can keep any accessory from slipping and moving around, you can purchase HERE and line any empty drawers with it! This is a practical and affordable way to protect your valuables.

When it comes to traveling with my sunglasses… That is a whole other production. It is no secret that I love a good vacation – I can admit, I have always had a travel bug. Over the years I have mastered my packing skills (but we will write about this another time) but I always get asked about my accessories. I do not leave the house without numerous pairs of sunglasses in my purse or car, so imagine me on a trip! Below are some great options for eyewear. If it is a longer trip, I use those black eyewear cases, the long ones that hold about 30 pairs and for a shorter trip, I use the carrying cases that hold 4 – 6 pairs. Below are some of my suggestions.

GLWGRLS Sunglasses Organizers


Hope this helps! If I missed any cute ones, leave the link below. I am always open to adding must-haves into my Amazon cart!


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