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As you guys have seen Collagen/ Gelatin has been a part of my routine for a long time. I started adding it daily about 5 years ago and have seen amazing results from it. I initially began using it when my digestion and gut was off. Within a matter of 60 days I noticed a huge difference in my digestion. An added bonus was my hair began growing faster and thicker, my nails longer and stronger and my skin was glowy and “bouncier” (I don’t really know another word to use other than that!) …. There is a lot of controversy over whether our bodies can actually absorb collagen or not but I have definitely seen the difference so I can say with certainty that whether it makes sense scientifically or not it WORKS! Make sure to get your daily dose of Vitamin C when consuming collagen or it wont absorb properly!

What is collagen? 

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, and is essentially the super glue that holds our bodies together.  It is found in our skin, bones, digestive system, tendons, muscles, and blood vessels. 

Collagen is naturally produced by the body and is damaged by consumption of large amounts of refined sugars, smoking tobacco, aging, and ultraviolet rays from sunlight.  Exogenous Collagen is the artificial form of collagen used medically to repair the body and cosmetically to improve skin.

Benefits of taking a collagen supplement?

Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails: As we age our skin thins and loses elasticity which contributes to wrinkles and stretch marks.  Taking a collagen supplement strengthens skin and improve elasticity and hydration which reduces our skin from aging.  Nails and hair receive similar strengthening benefits which leads to growth.

Reduces joint pain: The same way we lose collagen in our skin with age, we lose cartilage that supports and protects our joints.  Collagen in the body is like a lubricated substance that makes it easier for our joints to move which reduces inflammation and ultimately reduces joint pain especially with those with certain types of arthritis

Improves Gut Health: Amino acids like glycine and proline help heal and soothe the stomachs natural lining after breaking down the proteins. Connecting tissues are strengthened and repaired aka “seal and heal” the gut.

Boosts Muscle Growth: Collagen is found in 1-10% of muscle production, and helps convert muscle mass into lean muscle mass which burns fat and speeds up your metabolism.  Keeping muscle mass up as you age is important to reduce injuries and maintain good health.

*Must take vitamin C when using collagen so our bodies can convert to protein

Collagen Peptides vs Beef Gelatin?

The nutritional benefits are almost identical however their chemical properties and way that they are consumed are what vary.  Collagen Peptides are a hydrolyzed form of Beef Gelatin, meaning that they have been processed more intensely so they can be used in cold liquids, whereas beef gelatin can only dissolve in hot liquids or it will cause liquid to turn to gel.  Both are collected from bones and skin of animals.  A similar pescatarian alternative is marine based collagen.

How I incorporate collagen into my diet:
  • My favourite way to get my collagen was always in my morning Bulletproof Coffee/ Matcha.  I like using the beef gelatin because it makes it extra frothy! I use 1 scoop which is ½ a serving. I no longer do daily bulletproof coffee so I now add it into my afternoon matcha latte.
  • It is tasteless and I find it doesn’t have a chalky taste so I will use it in my morning smoothies. I generally will use half the serving size of the protein powder and replace the other half with 1 scoop on collagen instead of the full 2 scoop serving/ green juices.
  • Added into batters for pancakes, cookies and cakes 
  • Added into my oats, buckwheat, overnight oats soups etc!
  • Bone Broth- store bought or homemade I use recipe from Goop

I think collagen is a great supplement to add to your daily routine, like I mentioned earlier it’s important to take daily and stick with it because it can take a few months to see the physical changes. Let me know what your experience with collagen has been and if you’ve noticed any notable changes since adding into your routine. 

Below is my YouTube video about Gut Health and I deep dive into how Collagen Supplements have helped my digestion.

Holi Mane
Collagen Capsules
Bone Broth
Good Goddess Collagen
Holi Mane
Collagen Capsules
Bone Broth
Good Goddess Collagen
Holi Mane
Collagen Capsules
Bone Broth
Good Goddess Collagen
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