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The artworld can seem like a daunting and intimidating place reserved for ultra-sophisticated elites with bottomless expense accounts. As experienced professionals in the industry, we’re here to let you know that just about anyone can start an art collection, regardless of age, taste or budget. So, you find yourself staring at your blank walls wondering, where do I begin? We’ve got you covered with our top five tips to starting an art collection.  

Call in the experts 

With countless options out there, it is wise to seek out a professional art advisor who can help narrow down a selection of artworks that reflect your personal aesthetic and budget and, ultimately, help you make a more informed purchase. Take advantage of their knowledge of the market and existing relationships within the artworld at no extra expense. It is possible a consultant may even be able to negotiate a better price on your behalf. They will also know particular details to look out for when it comes to condition, authenticity, provenance and framing. Relying on an expert can also be a huge time-saver. Do your due diligence and make sure you work with a trusted and experienced professional. 


Get Exposure 

While it is certainly convenient to visit your local gallery when seeking out an artwork, don’t necessarily stop your search there. A single gallery will only promote the limited stable of artists they represent and, therefore, will expose you to only a small sliver of the multitude of artists, styles and artistic mediums out there. Now more than ever, it is easy to immerse yourself in the vast world of art with Instagram and a plethora of other virtual platforms in addition to the more traditional forms of art viewing such as frequenting galleries, museums and art fairs. The more you see, the more you will be able to educate yourself and train your eye to discern between quality versus mediocrity. 


Be wary of trends 

When purchasing an artwork, it is important to adopt the mindset that you are making an investment. You should commit to a piece that resonates with you and that you see yourself keeping long-term. It is easy to gravitate towards styles that are trending and that you are currently seeing everywhere, however, you may fall prey to purchasing something of which you grow tired fairly quickly. Art collecting is a highly subjective experience and presents an opportunity to showcase aspects of your personality that are unique to you. Trust your own taste! 


Don’t limit yourself   

All too often, people are so laser focused on filling a particular wall or matching an artwork to their décor that they pass on something they are totally enamoured with merely because it is a couple inches off or not the exact shade of green as their sofa. True collectors buy what they love and finding a place for it in their home is a secondary thought. It is important to be flexible, keep an open mind and forego any overly rigid parameters, or else you may lose out on an amazing buying opportunity. 


Be patient 

As the old adage goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same philosophy holds true for an art collection. We understand the urge to fill all your walls at once, but a quality collection gets built slowly over time with carefully selected acquisitions. Essentially, buy wisely, not impulsively. 

We hope these key tips inspire you to take the plunge into your art collecting journey. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Robin Rosenberg Fine Art for help with any art related needs you have. 


Article contributed by Robin Rosenberg Fine Art

More about Robin Rosenberg Fine Art – Robin Rosenberg Fine Art (RRFA) is an international, full-service fine-art firm that specializes in 20th & 21st Century Modern and Contemporary Art by world-renowned artists.

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