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Welcome to August! A powerful full moon and the Lions-gate portal, kick off this powerhouse month of major transformation. Look up your sun sign for advice from the tarot and crystal magic. 

Leo [July 23 to August 22] ♌️

Happy birthday Leo! This month, you are at the physical peak of personal influence.  It’s all about you, your charm and your resources. Use that charisma to shine like the sun and go for gold. Count your coins.

Card: Strength VIII or Strength XI
Crystal: onyx for protection
Colours: red yellow orange

Virgo [Aug 23 to Sept 22] ♍️

Dear Virgo, you are going to have to come out of that shell of yours and get out of your own way. Warning, you may have to kiss a few more frogs before you find your prince, but this time he’ll really be a king.

Card: The Emperor IV
Crystal: green aventurine
Colour: blue

Libra [Sept 23 to Oct 22] ♎️

Battle cry! In regards to justice, it’s not over until the fat lady sings. Be inspired and fight for your rights; you have all the power this month. Use every resource and tool at your fingertips to expose the truth.

Card: The Magician I
Crystal: pink quartz and jade
Colours: black or white

Scorpio [Oct 23 to Nov 22] ♏️

Ashes to ashes dust to dust. Death becomes you this month, Scorpio. It is do or die time. Where you were once passive,  it is now time to be aggressive. Don’t be afraid to go rogue. Change is already here

Card: The Hanged Man XII
Crystal: rose quartz
Colours: black and red

Sagittarius [Nov 23-Dec 21] ♐️

Sagittarius it’s time to let go of outdated thought patterns. New streams of income are waiting to be discovered. A deeper or new love with a soul mate is possible this month if you remain open.

Card: The Ace of Cups
Crystal: blue lace agate
Colour: light blue

Capricorn [Dec 22 – Jan 21] ♑️

Capricorn you are focused on healing relationships with friends and family. This month brings you an opportunity to break free of karmic cycles. It’s time to release bad habits. Forget work, go on vacation.

Card: The Fool O
Crystal: obsidian for protection
Colours: red is the new black

Aquarius [Jan 22 to Feb 22] ♒️

Aquarius you’re a natural born star. The  world is yours this month. The power is in your hands and music is the weapon. Long distance travel, a move or career change is highly favourable. Go for it!

Card: The World XXII
Crystal: garnet
Color: aqua

Pisces [Feb 23 – March 21] ♓️

Pisces you know how to see in the dark. Are you ready for some moon magic? Trust your intuition. Make sure to stay away from harsh substances or chemicals and toxic people. Get clear minded to allow creativity to flow. Fertility and pregnancy could be the focus this month.

Card: The Ace of Wands
Crystal: amethyst
Colour: purple

Aries [March 22 – April 21] ♈️

Aries, are you ready to grow up? Marriage  and children are demanding your attention this month. Get ready for a deeper level of commitment. Avoid summer flings and one nightstands. Instead, be patient before you take it to another level. Indeed there’s magic in the air.

Card: The Hierophant V
Crystal: bloodstone
Color: white

Taurus [April 22 – May 21] ♉️

This month you are embracing your feminine energy. Your intuition will help guide you through difficulties. The rose garden is beautiful, but we all know roses really smell like poo. Be kind to yourself Taurus, and indulge in self care. You are the lotus flower blossoming from the mud.

Card: The Tower
Crystal: sapphire
Color: green and blue

Gemini [May 22 – June 21] ♊️

Gemini the truth will eventually come out and cause heartbreak. The good news is, you are in control of what you say or do. Better times are in your immediate future. Plan ahead for travel to warm destinations near water. Focus on your family.

Card: The Ace of Swords
Crystal: red fire quartz
Color: yellow and light blue

Cancer [June 22 – July  21] ♋️

Cancer your mind has been spinning for some time now. Are you ready for a major change in your love life, career and home? Well get ready, things are speeding up very quickly and a life altering choice will need to be made on the spot. Beware of temptation. Stay loyal. Luck is on your side

Card: The Wheel X
Crystal: moonstone
Colours white and silver


August 2020 Horoscopes by Kelly Kimberly

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