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What’s In My Bag!

What type of vlogger would I be if I didn’t do the standard, what’s in my bag video? This is my first time attempting something like this and it was actually so fun! Check out my video/s below, don’t skip over the bloopers, they are worth the watch! Below is a list of items you may have spotted in my bag, feel free to shop these too.

KG’s Must Have Sports Bras

I truly do not remember what life was like before I started wearing sports bras. As you guys know I film in them every morning, workout in them and even wear them throughout the day. The NUMBER ONE QUESTION or topic you guys ask me via Instagram is ALWAYS about my sports bras, so I knew I had to list my essentials below. Keep in mind, I have my boobs done so I don’t need as much support as someone who is all natural. Shop along with me!

KG’s Basic Must Have Tanks

It is no secret that I live in basic tank tops. I wear them under most outfits (or as outfits) and truly believe that comfort is key. I love ribbed tanks, cropped tanks, form fitting tanks… Not that picky as long as they flatter my figure. For someone who loves fashion and fancy designer brands, NONE of my tank tops are UNAFFORDABLE. Follow along and shop below! I swear by these.

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