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Bushbalm is a Canadian all-natural skincare and ingrown hair prevention product line (specifically targeting but not limited to the area down below) that was founded in 2016. You may have even seen them on Season 15 of Dragon’s Den!

The GLW team tested out a few of their products. Here’s what they thought of them!

Gio tested:

Nude Ingrown Treatment Oil 

I have a full beard and trim it weekly. As a result, I sometimes get ingrown hairs under my beard that are not visible but sometimes uncomfortable! I;ve never been super into beard oils — mainly because I have really coarse facial hair and nothing I’ve tried has ever softened it or helped. 

I started using the Nude Ingrown Treatment Oil from BushBalm a little over a month ago and I have since had almost to no ingrown hairs. I’ve also used it when I felt an ingrown hair starting after shaving and it was gone the next day. The oil is super light and makes my skin / beard feel soft. It also smells great which is an added bonus! I use it mixed with one pump of the Sweet Escape Hydrating Oil one day after I shave my beard and it’s 10/10. 


Emma tested:

Bermuda Oil – Dark Spot Corrector

Growing up I did competitive swimming. I was constantly shaving. Always experiencing in-grown hairs, dark spots and irritation. Dark spots occur when the skin produces an abundance of melanin, a pigment that gives skin its color. Shaving, chafing and hormones are the main reasons for why this happens. This is also called hyperpigmentation but a lot of people refer to it as dark spots. 

I wish I had this product during those years! I tried the Dark Spot Corrector and it’s a game changer. Not only is this product aesthetically pleasing (the packaging and the bottle are beautiful) this product works like a charm! Just in time for summer, I’ve been using it directly after getting out of the shower on my bikini line the past few times and I’ve started to see the skin color being corrected! The pump applicator makes it easy to access the oil and apply. Bonus; it smells amazing, like you’re at the spa. Highly recommend this product!


Katherine tested:

Sweet Escape Oil – Nourishing Treatment

I have been loving the ‘Sweet Escape Oil’ and have been using it regularly. I love to apply it directly after my weekly exfoliation and especially after shaving or waxing. I find this natural oil leaves my skin super soft, supple and reduces any chance of ingrown hair, bumps from shaving or waxing.

I love the even texture of my skin after using this, especially the areas like my underarms and bikini after shaving and waxing. I also love the clean ingredients and sweet but light scent! I am looking forward to trying more Bush Balm products!

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