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If your hair, nails and skin had a best friend it would be BioSil so if you don’t already use this incredible supplement then you should start ASAP. The active ingredient in BioSil is choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA which activates the production of new proteins like collagen, elastin and keratin and helps protect the proteins that you already have. This is important because as we get older, these proteins become harder to produce and get damaged more easily.  

Benefits of BioSil


BioSil is scientifically proven to help produce thicker and stronger hair. The collagen helps provide an improved flow of nutrients to the roots while the keratin binds to each individual strand thereby helping to reduce split ends. Our hair is comprised of 97% keratin however it grows from collagen-based tissues. As we age, collagen levels decrease which can cause hair to grow thinner and weaker which is where BioSil comes in. 


Since BioSil regenerates skin on a cellular level, it can help prevent the degradation of collagen and activate the production of new collagen and elastin which helps provide healthy and youthful skin. Collagen makes up 75% of our skin and is responsible for its youthful and elastic resilience however as we age, collagen and elastin levels decrease which can lead to aging and thinner, duller, less elastic skin 


Similar to our hair, BioSil helps your nails grow stronger by activating the collagen-producing cells which help the nutrient flow to the nail bed and increase keratin production providing healthier and thicker nails. As the collagen levels decrease so do the keratin levels which reduce the size of the luna, the half-moon shape on our nails, resulting in thinning, unhealthy nails. 

Besides helping maintain our youthfulness another great thing about BioSil is that you start to see your body’s response to it pretty quickly and those effects are strengthened over with consistency and time. While we love taking BioSil in the morning, it can technically be taken at any time and does not have to be taken with food. BioSil can be easily found online and is a supplement that is very much worth adding to your current regiment. 

Canadian Customers:
  • Promo code: KGMTL
  • One use per customer
  • 20% off BioSil products
  • Valid from April 18 – June 30, 2021


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