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When it comes to understanding skincare, well it’s A LOT. There is so much information, so many different opinions, so many products and it takes time to see what works for you and what doesn’t, and let’s be honest, most of us are just impatient. Part of the Girls Living Well mission is to educate so that you can be your own best advocate and your own guru! Great skin you feel amazing in will remain just as important this year, so we wanted to round up some skincare ingredients that we swear by and give you in depth education on what they do and which products we love! 

To start, it’s important to know the proper order to apply your skincare. We have made it easy for you and created a simple step by step guide. Click here for Katherine’s Steps of Skincare

Vitamin C

There is just nothing like it, Katherine always says this is the one ingredient she wouldn’t live without! It really does it all- brightening, anti- aging, plumping and dark spot removing. This hero ingredient has even more benefits and with so many products on the market we have rounded up our faves. Click here for Katherine’s Breakdown of Vitamin C.

Physical and Chemical Exfoliators

Yes, there is a difference and both are important if you want the skin of your dreams. 

Chemical vs. Physical Exfoliation: What’s the Difference?

Double Cleansing and Oil/Balm Cleansers

If there is one skin tip we urge you to look into and get familiar with it’s the mighty double cleanse. First of the two being with an oil or balm cleanser. If you aren’t already doing this or don’t know what we’re talking about, here are some great resources: Double Cleansing, Oil Cleansing and Balm Cleansers


Retinol has a bit of a dual sided reputation. Some are scared of it because many say it makes your skin really sensitive and dry and others swear by this ingredient as their skin’s savior and secret weapon. We round up all the info for you to best decide what’s best for you! Thoughts on Retinol.


Yes, even if it’s the dead of winter and you are inside for most of the day. SPF is your anti-aging BFF and probably the most important step in any routine. It’s important to get to know your sunscreens because not all SPF’s are made equal and not all are great for you. Check out SPF For Your Face and SPF For Your Body. 

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