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We are all about doing things as natural as possible and there is generally nothing better than making things yourself. When you make things yourself you know exactly what’s in it. Similar to food, we don’t actually always know exactly what’s in our cleaning products. There are so many things in this toxic world that we can’t control, so when it comes to cleaning sprays we have 2 easy DIY options that take less than 1 minute to make and work better than most store bought products. 

Tea Tree Oil 

Tea tree oil has antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal and antiseptic properties which makes it a great household cleaner. Add 10-12 drops into 2-2.5 cups of warm water and add it to a spray bottle and use on any surface to disinfect. This mixture also smells really nice.  

Bonus tip: Add a teaspoon of tea tree oil to your sheets and towels around allergy season or if you or someone in your household has been sick. This will help keep bacteria and allergens at bay and help freshen things up. 

There are many other essential oils that are natural disinfectants and can be used for cleaning, but this is our go to at the moment. We will be covering more on essential oils very soon! 

Vinegar: (White or Apple Cider) 

This will come as no secret to anyone as white vinegar has been being used as a household cleaner forever. The acidity in vinegar is what makes it such a good cleaner. Because vinegar is so acidic, it can counteract buildups and dissolve away soap scum, it cleans stove tops, bathrooms and glass well. There are a few surfaces that you may want to avoid using vinegar on like, stone, marble, aluminum and hardwood floors because it is so acidic it can be too harsh. 

Add ¼ cup white or apple cider vinegar with 1.5 cups of water, you can even add in the juice of a lemon for extra disinfecting properties. 

The smell can be overwhelming to some so feel free to try adding some lavender essential oil or even tea tree to mask it a little bit. 

These are 2 of the formulas we use regularly but we are always looking for new, natural ways to disinfect our homes and keep things as clean and green as possible so drop a comment below with your DIY tips!  


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  1. I’ve read that tea tree oil is toxic for dogs, so just be careful that you are not cleaning/diffusing tea tree oil in an enclosed space with your pet! 🙂

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