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GLW Insiders are back again with another product testing! This time; Biophora Medical Grade Skincare.

5 women were selected to participate in a 3 week trial of Biophora. They each met with Tracy, the senior educator at Biophora, discussed their skin concerns and what they wanted to improve. Tracy then provided them with a protocol to follow.

Watch their videos below for their skincare journey and thoughts on the products they used.

Mathilde’s Notes on Products:
  • Bioactive Cleanser: Good “gel” cleanser, not too drying and great to remove makeup. I felt that my skin was very clean after using it, even on days I didn’t double cleansed.
  • Bioactive solution: I really liked this product. It had a light tingling effect and I felt like it really worked to exfoliate/keep my skin clear. This product is clear and very liquid (water/alcohol like).
  • Spotless: Great product, it did an amazing job removing/reducing the appearance of the blackheads on my nose. This product is like a thick brownish paste.
  • Bioactive gel: Overall, I felt like it did what it was supposed to do. This product is a clear gel.
  • Light hydration: This moisturizer is very very light. I you have dry skin, dry patches, even normal skin, I felt like it wouldn’t work. For me, I have very oily skin so I didn’t feel like my skin was tight or dry. However, it wasn’t my favorite product, especially under makeup (looked a little dry). This product is more like a gel-cream.
  • Actibac veil: Overall, I felt like it did what it was supposed to do, it kept me less oily. This product is a white cream.
  • Suncreen: Overall, I felt like it did what it was supposed to do. This product is a light cream.
Mathilde’s Overall thoughts: 

I really liked the Biophora products and I would 100% recommend them to my friends. The main difference that I saw was reduced pore sizes and blackheads which are my main concerns. I have used other medical grade lines and pricey products in the past and I didn’t see such a difference. After 2-3 days, I noticed a good difference in pore sizes and appearance of my blackheads (I continued to see improvements with usage). I get occasional pimples and did not have any during the time I was testing the Biophora products. If I saw a pimple coming, I put a bit of Spotless on it and the next day it was gone. After 1-2 weeks, my skin was definitely brightened and clearer. I think using the full Biophora routine helped me see great results.I would say that my top 3 products are spotless (can’t live without now!), bioactive solution and cleanser. Also, when I finished the testers provided by Biophora, I repurchased most of the products myself because I saw such a great improvement in the appearance of my skin. I would also highlight that the price point of the products is good. I feel like the quality/effectiveness of the Biophora products is better than higher priced products (sold at Sephora or other medical grade lines). Product size is also great. I feel like full size products will last me a long time.

Need to step up your skincare routine? Medical grade skincare like Biophora can help you achieve that.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for your skin assessment, please reach out to Tracy; Tracy@biophora.com




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