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Being married during quarantine is both amazing and challenging all at the same time. Firstly, I feel very fortunate to have a “buddy” and someone to go through this time with. It’s not easy being isolated from your loved ones so the overall vibe here is I am grateful. Now, with that being said, it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. I would LOVE some space! While we as a couple are adjusting to our new normal there are a few things I want to go over. Some positive and some not so positive. Let’s start with the positive. 

Positives that have come out of this quarantine in my marriage:
  1. I have a live-in friend, lunch and dinner date, training buddy, face mask partner and business advisor. 
  2. Superficial things that may have bothered me before are now not an issue as so much has been put into perspective. When so much of your “normal” is taken away material or more superficial things that we used to argue about don’t matter and we both realize more than ever what’s really important. 
  3. It’s confirmed, this person is my BFFAE. Kris and I have been quarantined for 4 weeks now. Morning, noon and night and we actually still like and enjoy each other’s company. We still have tons to talk about and it just reconfirms this isn’t only my husband but my best friend and I believe that to be so important in any successful relationship. 
  4. Kris finally cleaned up our basement, got things in order and built us a great home gym that I feel so grateful to have! 
  5. Communication is better- in the past we have both always been very busy, stressed and overwhelmed with respective businesses. While I am still quite busy working, we have slowed down and have taken the time to actually understand how to speak to each other so the other can hear what we really want to say. When you don’t have all kinds of outside stuff happening it’s easier to be present and it has made our communication better. 

I could continue on but these are the main things that stick out. We both have realigned, see what’s important and are better together for it. 

Annoying parts of being married during this quarantine: 
  1. I basically have a 39 year old child. The man needs to be given “activities” or shows to keep him occupied otherwise I cannot get my work done. Thankfully, we discovered the show Love Island recently and Kris is obsessed. There are tons of episodes and seasons so for the moment this isn’t as much of an issue. 
  2. Feeding someone 3 times or more a day is not always easy. Kris has become very dependent on me for his meals and I often have to remind him that he can make a piece of toast without my permission or me doing it. I have always played the role of the homemaker in the relationship, so I don’t blame him but it’s A LOT. Everyday at 11:30 and 5:00 he asks. “what’s for dinner” “what’s for lunch”. It’s like I don’t know honey, figure it the F out! 
  3. I crave alone time, I always have and I always will. Kris on the other hand would like to hang together all day. While it’s very cute and flattering it just drains me and makes me snappy. I need to take at least 1-2 hours to be completely alone. I generally take an afternoon walk by myself, listen to a podcast or music and disconnect from other people. This keeps me sane and nicer. 
  4. He sees all my packages and comments on every single one! This is something I just can’t handle. Most of the packages I receive are gifted by brands I work with, yet each time my doorbell rings (which is 20 times a day) he needs to know what’s inside, who it’s from and how we are going to have room for it. It’s exhausting and irritating so to punish him I make him open up the boxes and sanitize everything for me! Lol 

All in all, I feel grateful to have my husband with me. I am grateful for our health and relationship. We are definitely more united and more in love now than we were a month ago and for that I feel fortunate. Let’s see how the next month goes!  

Katherine Garbarino, AKA KGMTL, has been building her online presence for the past 3 years. An open book about almost everything, KG’s voice has become a household sound, with an incredible and dedicated fanbase; obsessed with her knowledge of health, wellness, fashion and fitness.

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