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With the economy still under restrictions, we’ve had additional time on our hands. We’ve put together a list of binge worthy Netflix shows that we’ve been watching lately.

Katherine’s recommendations
Stateless– I just finished watching this mini series about an immigration detention centre in Australia. It’s based on a true story and was so amazing!
Dead to me– I love this show and the dynamic between the actresses! There’s 2 seasons, it’s an easy watch!
Down to earth– This is a show where Zac Efron goes to different countries all over the world to find healthy and sustainable ways to live through the cultures and practices of how they are living.
Money Heist– this is one of my favorite shows! It’s a Spanish show with English subtitles. Make sure to watch in Spanish! About robbing the Royal Mint of Spain. So many great characters, great story line, you will be addicted.
Velvet – this is also a Spanish show. I am obsessed! This is about a Fashion Store & house in Madrid in the 1950s. Amazing love story & Alberto (lead male actor) is so hot!
Emma’s recommendations

Friends – Obviously. This is a no brainer. Friends is my go-to show when I don’t know what to watch. Or when I’m cleaning. It’s always playing in the background. Classic.

Sweet Magnolias – Light hearted drama following three friends and how they juggle relationships, family and careers. Takes place in a small Southern town. Easy storyline to follow.

You – Psychological thriller. Not going to lie, initially started watching this show because the main character is Dan Humphrey! Gossip Girl, hello! After the first episode I was hooked.

Schitt’s Creek – Sadly Netfilx doesn’t have the sixth and final season on yet. This is great comedy. Hilarious family dynamic and a coming-of age sort of term.

Good Girls – Three women fed up of living pay check to pay check, they decide to take control of their lives. Get caught up with the wrong people. Comedy and crime. It’s a must watch.

Ana’s recommendations

Selling Sunset – I love a good show with PLENTY of DRAMA and this one does not disappoint. Selling Sunset is a show about super bougie real estate brokers in LA who (surprise, surprise) have a LOT of money. Between selling million dollar mansions and going to lavish parties, these brokers have plenty of drama going on in their lives which makes the show hilarious to watch.

Queen of the South – If you love a good cartel story then you’ll love Queen of the South. The show follows Teresa, a young woman who goes from poor to cartel queen. The show is action packed so you’ll never be bored. And who doesn’t love a bad ass female lead?

Peaky Blinders – Ok so I have this thing for accents, which is what drew me to Peaky Blinders, a show about a British crime family who are trying to expand their presence in Birmingham. The lead is played by Cillian Murphy who in my opinion is absolutely pleasant to look at. The storyline highlights the complicated lives of each family member (doesn’t get more complicated than being part of a gang) as the family navigates through crime, love, death, and more.

Mindhunter – If you’re a fan of thrilling crime mysteries, this is the show for you. Mindhunter follows the lives of FBI agents, Holden and Bill who travel across the country interviewing serial killers in hopes of better understanding the serial mind. It’s eerie, it’s uncomfortable at times but you won’t be able to stop watching.

New Girl – This is one of my favourite shows to binge because it is so light and easy to watch, plus Zooey Deschanel is HILARIOUS. The show is about Jess, a quirky LA girl who moves in with three guys she meets online. The sitcom is worth checking out if you’re looking for a good laugh after a long day at work.

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