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Almost everyone you know is on social media. Whether Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc. social media has become a part of most people’s everyday life. Creating, posting and engaging with content is a double edged sword. It can be fun, light and easy but can also lead to anxiety, pressure and stress which in effect damages one’s mental health. That being said, here are 5 takeaways I believe are crucial for securing a safe space on social media: 

1- Post with purpose (no pressure)

Posting on social media whether being on your feed or story should be fun! You should not feel anxious or pressured into posting! I used to feel like I always needed to be “on” and if I took a few days or weeks without posting that I would not get the same engagement. Yes, the algorithm does have a weird way of working, but WHO CARES! I think and highly suggest posting with purpose. What this means is posting when you have something you feel is really good and feel the need to share. Do it for yourself or to share your creativity, art, thoughts with your followers. Post without pressure!! 

2- Unfollow or Mute accounts that don’t inspire you! 

Why do you feel the need to follow accounts or see content from people / brands who don’t bring anything positive to your life? Over it. I recommend unfollowing or simply muting accounts that don’t bring anything valuable to your feed. Follow accounts that uplift you and inspire you daily. At the end of the day, it’s your social space — curate who you want to have a part of it! 

3- Engage with kindness and meaning 

This is a BIG message that everyone who’s on social media needs to hear: STOP BEING AN ASSHOLE! If you have nothing good to say, don’t say it at all. People feel the need to comment and criticize heavily on social media because they are hidden behind their screens. Let’s move past that, please! Let’s instead spread positive vibes on social — comment, like, share, save posts in your life, support one another and just have fun with it! 

4- Be creative or just simply be yourself

On the same wave as posting with purpose, use social media as a creative outlet or as a place to just be yourself and document your life. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself and just have fun with it. People who follow you on social want to see the real you – not some made up, curated version of you. Ditch the filters, thanks!

5- Take breaks when needed. 

Take hours, days or even weeks off social media when you are no longer feeling inspired, feel overwhelmed or are just over it all together. I actually took a seven month break from my personal instagram last June! It was the best thing, ever. What made me do this? I realized I just was not enjoying it anymore. I use IG as a source of creativity, a place for me to get inspired by fashion, content, interior design, etc. At the time, I wasn’t finding that anymore. So — I took a step back, deactivated my account and didn’t look back. Sometimes, some time off is needed for you to realign and disconnect from the social work! Trust me, when the time is right, you will go back, or maybe not – and that’s okay too! 

I hope these five tips can help you or someone around you who may feel anxious or unhappy on social media! Comment, like or share this article! See you on social xx

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