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For men, facial hair, hair on the front and back of the neck, hair on top of the shoulders and hair on the back needs to be maintained. The best way for hairy men to groom their body hair? You could shave, trim, and wax. Laser hair removal is also another alternative that men should highly consider!

Laser hair removal for most men is a “grooming” issue. Men are tired of having the back of their necks shaved when they get their hair cut, only to have it all grow back the next week. The razor burn, irritation and ingrown hairs on the front of the neck are a thing of the past after laser hair removal. Laser hair removal puts an end to these common grooming issues that most men face.

The first step in any laser hair removal treatments for men is the evaluation. During the evaluation the color of the hair and the skin on the treatment site is observed. Since lasers are attracted to pigment, dark hairs on light skin are always the best candidates. That doesn’t mean you can’t get laser hair removal if you have dark skin. It does mean that since ‘man hair’ is often darker and coarser than female hair, it can respond better to laser energy. Of course, not all men have dark, coarse hair in the areas where they wish to get laser hair removal. The technology may still work in those cases, even if it takes a little longer to see results. Lasers can’t target the ‘peach fuzz’ on any human body. Nor can they help with white, light or red hairs.

The most common areas for laser hair removal of men are: 

1- Front of the neck

When the front of the neck is treated it is often because of ingrown hairs and or irritation from shaving. The laser hair removal treatment will remove the hair permanently. At the end of the treatment, the skin is soft and silky with no hair, no redness or irritation

2- Nape (back of the neck)

When you do laser hair removal for the back of the neck, that well-groomed look that you get after a haircut – lasts forever.

3- Cheeks

The cheeks are most commonly treated for men who have beards. The hair on the cheeks (from the beard line up) is treated with the laser. Once done, the skin above the beard line is smooth, soft and hair free.

4- Shoulders

It is difficult to reach the top of the back to shave the hair. Most men who will do laser hair removal on their shoulders will also do laser hair removal on the back of the neck.

5- Back

The back is one of the most popular laser hair removal treatments for men. It simplifies the grooming process, and once the hair is treated it is permanently removed.

It is recommended to do laser hair removal during cooler months (Fall, Winter, Spring) to not have direct access to the sun in the treated areas (this can be tricky when it’s on the face/neck). You can still undergo treatment in the summer (warmer) months, however, you need to be sure to apply sunscreen regularly. 

Stay tuned as Gio will undergo laser hair removal on both his shoulders and neck at Dermafina! If you or someone you know is interested in getting laser hair removal (either for men or women), you can find more information at Dermafina here: https://dermafina.ca/gentlemax-pro/


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