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Over the last two years, I have assisted and helped over twenty women get pregnant with  energy healing and a change in eating habits. How could Reiki possibly help a woman get pregnant you ask? Allow me to illustrate. 

Reiki, which means Universal Life force, is known to restore the body’s ability to heal itself, as it  works holistically. Thus, restoring the body to a state of balance, harmony, well-being, and vitality.  Reiki energy activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is responsible for deep rest  and digestion. When this system is activated, stress levels decrease, allowing all organs and  systems to work optimally. Alternatively, the Sympathetic Nervous System is responsible for our  flight, fight or freeze responses. It is activated by stress and activity. When the body experiences  copious amounts of negative stress or is in survival mode, the reproductive system is usually the  first bodily system to shut down. Therefore, we can understand that the health of one’s  reproductive system is improved when the Parasympathetic Nervous System functions properly. 

The Female Reproductive System has several functions such as producing eggs necessary for  reproduction and secreting hormones that maintain the reproductive cycle. When the Female  Reproductive System functions properly, menstruation and ovulation are regular, which are  essential for fertility. When the body is in a state of imbalance due to energy blockages,  accumulation of chemicals and stress, the Female Reproductive System may suffer from irregular  menstruation or amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), or diseases including fibroids,  hormonal imbalance, and PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). 

So how does Reiki assist in correcting these imbalances?

Quite simply put, Reiki activates the  body’s ability to heal itself. The energy activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, hence  shifting the body into a deep state of relaxation (i.e decreasing heart rate, respiration and blood  pressure). As a result, stress levels are reduced significantly, energy blockages can be released,  and organs and systems can begin working optimally to restore balance and harmony within the  body. I also mentioned above that when the Parasympathetic Nervous System is activated, the  Reproductive System works properly, meaning it can carry on smoothly with its functions such  as producing eggs, ovulating, and secreting hormones.

In my experience, women with fertility  issues have managed to get pregnant after varying amounts of sessions (on average between  5-10). It is to be noted that Reiki acts as a form of complementary therapy. Though it works on  the root causes of diseases, and can facilitate and speed up healing from medical procedures, it  should not be considered a cure to diseases as a stand alone treatment, but as part of a holistic  set of therapeutic practices. Many of my clients have successfully combined Reiki with  Acupuncture. The latter, similarly to Reiki, releases energy blockages in the Meridian System in  order to bring the body back to a state of homeostasis (stable physiological system and optimal functioning of the organism).

Reiki extends to regulating menstrual cycles. Many of my clients with menstruation issues have  reported their period returning and finding regularity again after just one or a few reiki sessions  (not more than 2-3). In turn, it has contributed to boosting their fertility since the Reiki energy  engaged the Endocrine System.

The Endocrine System is a network of glands that produces  hormones. These hormones control bodily functions such as metabolism, sexual function,  reproduction, sleep, mood, appetite, and more. In fact, if we take a look at where endocrine  glands are found in the body, one can notice that they are situated around the body’s primary  chakras. The sexual glands, known as Gonads, are located by the Sacral Chakra (Swadhistana in  Sanskrit). Therefore, providing Reiki energy to the Sacral Chakra helps to activate the sexual  glands so that they can produce sufficient amounts of hormones.

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In sum, a relaxed, balanced, and harmonious body helps the reproductive system carry out its  function efficiently, regulating one’s fertility, reproductive and menstruation cycles. Reiki acts as a  tool to release tension, stress, energy blockages and stagnation so that the systems in the body  can function optimally. Every reiki experience is unique and everyone reacts differently  depending on their levels of sensitivity and receptivity to the energy. It is important to note that  circumstantial factors such as the severity of fertility issues will influence results differently.  Some women will get pregnant sooner, and others will need more time and consistency, as well  as additional therapies. Nevertheless, Reiki is an excellent tool in assisting the reproductive  process.

If you’re in the Montreal area and would like to have a reiki session, Mama Oracle is wonderful and we highly recommend seeing her.

Article contributed by Mama Oracle

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