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You may know about chlorophyll from school or remember it from Billy Madison (one of Katherine’s favorite movies) but besides being the pigment in plants and essential for photosynthesis, chlorophyll also possesses many medicinal properties and can boost our overall health. 

Benefits of Chlorophyll

Packed with vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy components, here are some of the most common benefits associated with chlorophyll. 

Increases Immunity

Chlorophyll alkalizes the body by balancing PH levels which increases the immune system’s ability to fight bacteria and infections.   

Supports Proper Digestion

Well known for its detoxification capabilities, chlorophyll impacts the digestive system by eliminating waste and reducing constipation.  

Improves Liver Function  

Chlorophyll also removes toxins from the body by increasing phase II biotransformation enzymes. This helps to detoxify the liver and reduces the risk for liver damage and other diseases.   

Helps Weight Loss Efforts

Studies show that chlorophyll can positively affect appetite control and speed up metabolism both of which can impact weight loss. 

Fights Cancer

The anticarcinogenic  properties and antioxidants found in chlorophyll help prevent and fight certain types of cancer. 

Promotes Healthy Skin 

Great for combating acne breakouts, chlorophyll creates a hostile environment for bacteria and reduces inflammation, both of which help protect the skin. It also can lower the overall risk for skin cancer and can be used to help reduce cancer cell growth for common skin cancers.

Heals Sores and Wounds 

Often added to ointments, chlorophyll’s antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties help heal wounds and prevent infections.

Increases Red Blood Cells 

By increasing red blood cell production and blood cell regeneration, liquid chlorophyll can often produce better results than iron supplements when treating anemia.  

There are so many benefits to taking chlorophyll, so luckily you can get your intake from a few sources whether it’s leafy green vegetables, from algae or from chlorophyll supplements. If you are eating chlorophyll-rich foods like kale or spinach, it’s important that the veggies are raw or lightly cooked in order to obtain as many nutritional benefits as possible. 

Although Katherine’s daily salads are rich in chlorophyll, she still likes to add liquid chlorophyll to her diet, either in her Cleansing Drink or water. Chlorophyll is fat soluble and is not always absorbed by the body which is why supplements known as chlorophyllin may be more effective (it’s a water soluble derivative of chlorophyll). That being said, like always it’s best to speak to your health care practitioner before adding any supplements to your diet. 


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