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The month of September ushered in with a full moon in dreamy Pisces. It’s the season for self reflection and planning for the future. Ready or not it’s time for some emotional deep diving. Look up your sun sign for tarot scope and crystal clarity.

Virgo [August 23 to September 22] ♍️

Happy Birthday Virgo! Be ready to communicate your true feelings no matter what they may be. An ex may resurface and there is an opportunity to rekindle a relationship. Will you walk away or learn to play ? Watch your spending, but splurge on that gift for yourself.

Crystal: sodalite

Colour: blue

Libra [September 23 to October 22] ♎️

For every action there is a reaction. You are the queen of karma this month Libra.    A fair outcome in your favour is in the cards, but be ready to put your money where your mouth is. Enjoy the success of your hard work.

Crystal: obsidian

Colour: white

Scorpio [October 23 to November 22] ♏️

Scorpio you’re feeling nostalgic this month. Take the time to reflect and look at the past only to learn from mistakes. The bigger picture is more important. What do you want to create for yourself? What will be your legacy?

Crystal: amethyst

Colours: blue and green

Sagittarius [November 23 to Dec 21] ♐️

It is time to press pause on the drama in order to get clear on what you want. You are at a major cross roads and you must choose which path you want to take going forward. Your subconscious is knocking on the door to heart. Will you answer the call? Be patient and be honest with yourself.

Crystal: lapis lazuli

Colour: yellow

Capricorn [December 22-January 19] ♑️

Rise and shine Capricorn ! You are the star of your own show and everyone is watching. Everything you have wished for is coming your way. Are you ready to receive your blessings? Clear away the old and make way for the new. Things will happen very quickly. Brace yourself.

Crystal: rose quartz

Colour: green

Aquarius [January 20-February 18] ♒️

There is magic in your hands and you have the power to change your world. Doing what you love is paramount. Be open to new friendships or partnerships. Rest up now if you can because it’s gonna be very busy when things start rolling.

Crystal: green aventurine

Colour:  purple

Pisces [February 19 to March 20] ♓️

You are in your element this month. It’s all about dreams coming true. You are a co-creator of your life; make it a beautiful one. New partnership is aspected in your career and/or a new love offer may be presented to you. Forget about your ex and claim what you deserve.

Crystal: indigo

Colour: turquoise

Aries [March 21 to April 19]  ♈️

The end is really the beginning. You may not see it now, but things will work out in your favour. Choose a positive outlook. Only focus on what you can control and let go of the rest. Your patience will be tested. Keep a cool head.

Crystal: emerald

Colour: red

Taurus [April 20 to May 20] ♉️

From the ashes the Phoenix rises. Burn away negative energy and use the pain of the past to create something new. Use your emotions to inspire others and be progressive in your approach. It’s time to stop looking outside of yourself for the answers. You are destined for greatness. Don’t give up.

Crystal: malachite

Colour: purple

Gemini [May 21 to June 20] ♊️

You can have it all. It’s already yours. What you are thinking about, will come about. The power of manifestation is potent this month. Something new is ready to be born. Keep a dream journal for clues. Your psyche is speaking to you.

Crystal: clear quartz

Colour: emerald

Cancer [June 21 to July 22] ♋️

Love love and more love. Relationships will level up quickly. Be careful what you wish for! Marriage and pregnancy are in the cards. Someone will have to choose between two love interests. Look to the important women in your life for advice and support.

Crystal: sodalite

Colour: orange

 Leo [ July 23 to August 22] ♌️

Success has your name on it. You will overcome challenges by being consistent. Persevere and never give up. A happily ever after is waiting for you on the other side of the mountain. Follow the rainbow.

Crystal: nebula

Colour: amber


Horoscopes by @kelly.kimberly

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