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KG’s Fave Lipsticks ATM

Hi, my name is Katherine and I am addicted to lipstick. Nice to meet you. I know most women have their one or two lipsticks that they swear by and wear on repeat, but this woman is a little excessive (as you all know). Compiling this list was tough, how do people just choose one or two? I love me a good lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm, etc… So much so that often times my handbag is filled with them and people think I am completely insane. However insane it may be think of me as your human guinea pig – because my desire to try all things beauty becomes your guide to finding hidden treasures you may never have known about. 

What’s In My Bag!

What type of vlogger would I be if I didn’t do the standard, what’s in my bag video? This is my first time attempting something like this and it was actually so fun! Check out my video/s below, don’t skip over the bloopers, they are worth the watch! Below is a list of items you may have spotted in my bag, feel free to shop these too.

KG’s Fave Foundations

I was never really a foundation lover or user in my 20s but as I have gotten more into makeup sometimes it’s just really nice to have your skin look like a doll. Who doesn’t want flawless skin? Right? I have literally tried all of the “holy grail” foundations out there and have compiled my list of faves. Keep in mind: I don’t like the full coverage, cakey, matte look, I go for more of a radiant, hydrated, real skin look. If that’s your vibe this post is for you!

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