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My name is Chanel and I’m a Fashion Editor. In the last decade, I’ve come to consider myself an outfit connoisseur/slightly style obsessed. I’m excited to be able to write these pieces offering solutions to what to wear. My favorite part about this writing contribution is sharing style inspiration that allows you to feel good about getting dressed. 

So, if your POV right now is, it’s freezing outside, January is your least favorite month and you don’t want to leave your house ever again, bookmark this page for the next time you want to get dressed but don’t know what to wear. 

I’ve always been that annoying person who “loves” the cold because I seriously love coats. A good coat has the power to be your whole outfit.  For a dry cold, sunny kind of day, reach for a city coat in a neutral color or pattern. Choose one that has a slightly oversized silhouette and a structured shoulder. Morgan Stewart wore this Magda Butrym in a menswear inspired check and I am thoroughly obsessed. 


As my wardrobe slowly turns into a Frankie Shop boutique itself, this highlighter green mohair coat is not only perfect for a night out but imagine it’s one of those days where you can’t bring yourself to get out of sweatpants. Just by throwing this piece on accompanied by sunglasses, no one is the wiser. And of course you look chic as ever. 


Arielle Charnas is a great example of styling tried and true basics in an elevated way. A gray sweatshirt tucked into relaxed white jeans is expected. But by finishing this look off with a brown leather belt and tonal accessories, it’s just that much more effortless and fresh. 


Honorable style mention goes to stylist Dani Michelle by putting Kendall Jenner in this Khaite fur coat. The only thing I’m able to write about this is, my mind has not known peace since this image graced my Instagram. 

If you find your basics are starting to feel mundane, one trick to freshen them up is to layer. It can be as easy as adding a few more chunky chains like these by Anine Bing. 


With the temperatures dipping to frighteningly low numbers, throwing on sheer black stockings under wide leg jeans is stylish and encouraged. This instantly adds a touch of sophistication as perfectly demonstrated and layered by Sylvie Mus.


There’s actually a way you can beat the cold and stay stylish. Layer your blazer under your coat for added warmth and texture. 


An essential piece that I believe should be a part of every winter wardrobe is a soft sweater in a cable or textured knit. A colored sweater is typically my go-to because it brings color to skin that has not seen sun past 5pm. That’s why I love this baby blue sweater from H&M. 


Below, Mariane demonstrates how to mix this stunning orange sweater with navy blue in a harmonious way.


Feature image via Pinterest

I am an editor, creative pragmatist, and visual storyteller who solves problems. Not creating, is utter devastation. I've inherently always made things, people look and feel good whether it's through mediums such as fashion, art, imagery, story telling. I'm obsessed with beauty and in Valentino's words "I love beauty. It's not my fault" I knew where I could not stand to be, and what I did not want to do, and that led me to the work I love.

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