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I’m a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) passionate about the world of health & wellness. With 7 years in the industry, I’ve worked with better-for-you start-ups, and am now in the distribution space for natural products. I’m endlessly inspired by products that are aimed to improve your health and state of mind. My favorite pastime is to try, test and recommend innovative brands doing just that!

Something about me is that I love to try as many new health & wellness products on the market. Due to my line of work and past career experiences, throughout the years, I’ve had the chance to try and test a lot of products, specifically in the mushroom and adaptogenic space. It may be surprising to hear that out of the many products I’ve tried, I only have a handful of standouts, Alcami Elements being one of them. This is based not only on the quality of ingredients but how I feel after consuming it. Alcami has become part of my daily routine, and I’m excited to share exactly why.

Alcami Elements was founded by Derick Singh, who grew up just outside of Montreal (we love a local founder and company!). Having been raised spending lots of time in nature, he developed a love for tonic herbs, mushrooms, and connecting with Mother Earth. Derick founded Alcami Elements in early 2016, with a strong desire to enhance his own health and awareness through tonic herbs.

Alcami is a potent blend of medicinal plants, adaptogens, and tonic herbs that can be added to your daily routine to enhance and elevate all aspects of your life. The uniquely powerful blend is made with the world’s most legendary super-herbs and mushrooms, which work synergistically to provide function and flavor while using ancient wisdom and science.

ASTRAGALUS ROOT: Increases the Qi and protective energy of the body, improves circulation, strengthens the immune, digestive, and respiratory functions.

HE SHOU WU ROOT (TRADITIONAL PREPARATION): Restores vitality and energy, fortifies the adrenals, promotes rejuvenation and longevity.

MUCUNA PRURIENS: This Ayurvedic herb contains L-Dopa which helps to restore Dopamine in the brain among other neurotransmitters. Mucuna improves brain function as a neuroprotective, improves skin and sleep.

POLYGALA ROOT: Natural nootropic effects, promotes mental clarity, improves sleep, enhances dreaming, and strengthens will-power.

LION’S MANE MUSHROOM: Boosts focus, enhances mood, promotes neurogenesis, and the growth of new neurons, increases memory and learning.

SHILAJIT: Known as ‘the conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness.’ This mineral-dense food increases energy, vitality, focus, and immunity.

GYNOSTEMMA LEAF: This adaptogen has both energizing & calming effects, anti-aging, improves resistance to stress, anti-inflammatory, and benefits the immune system.

REISHI MUSHROOM: Known as The Mushroom of Immortality. It lifts the spirit, brings about calmness & spatial awareness, mental clarity, strengthens resistance to stress, restores energy, and promotes immunity.

CORDYCEPS MUSHROOM: Awakens energy, builds vitality, stamina, and endurance, promotes immunity.

Clearly, this product is packed with incredibly curated ingredients and powerful substances. However, it goes beyond that – the real difference between Alcami and many other powders on the market comes down to the quality, potency, formulation, and sourcing.

  • 10X The only supplement in the world with 10.1 concentration for powerful effects you can feel (1000mg of combined medicinal properties with every tablespoon!)
  • 9 Powerful and legendary ingredients that when consumed together create a synergistic magical effect in your mind and body
  • Made with Wild Crafted ingredients
  • Blended with coconut powder and real monk fruit for maximum creaminess and taste
  • Full spectrum, wild-crafted mushrooms fruiting bodies
  • Easily blends into drinks, bowls, smoothies, and hot beverages, with an incredible flavor profile
  • Tastes incredible: mildly sweet with naturally occurring hints of creamy, coconut, and caramel tones
  • No jitters or crash 

Since I’ve started using Alcami, I can say that my coffee ritual has gone through a serious upgrade. I absolutely love the taste and creaminess, as well as the calming yet focused effect I experience after consuming it. Knowing that my body is being fueled by such powerful ingredients makes me happy and is aligned with my day’s purpose of reaching for my higher self. Do yourself a favor and try it for a unique and elevated experience. 

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