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We’re sharing some of the accounts we’ve been loving lately. Whether it be that we’ve been following them for a long time now or just recently discovered them.

Katherine’s Loving:

Image Source @sknperfct

I found Elvie page back in June and I absolutely love following her. She is beyond stunning and absolute skin goals! We like similar products and she gives great skin advice and tips. Evie is from the UK which makes listening to her even more pleasing because… British accents are awesome! Overall great skincare tips and product reviews and how to use info!

Image Source: @funmimonet
Funmi is someone I love following because she shares a lot when it comes to perfumes and beauty products. I have always loved perfumes and have a knack for finding good ones. These days I don’t really buy many new perfumes but I love staying up to date on what’s good and what’s going on in the fragrance world! I love her reels and Tiktoks, Funmi’s videos are fun to watch and aesthetically pleasing!
Image Source @seangarrette
First of all, you haven’t seen dewy skin until you have seen Sean’s skin! It’s beautiful!!! Sean is super informative and has the most soothing voice and I love the way he shares information! It’s been fun to watch his success within the skincare world!
Image Source @tune2tunde
Tunde is one of my favourite Peloton instructors and I started following her on IG because I was so drawn to her outgoing personality on peloton. I really love following her! She is spunky, girly and does fun makeup tutorials. Her page is also just super motivating and makes you want to move!

Ginger-Lei’s Loving:

Image Source @lejonhjerta
Identical twin sisters of mixed Swedish and African descent are absolutely stunning to look at… They’re also friends with our Canadian homeboy Drake. Elizabeth and Victoria model for major international brands and luxury labels like Chanel, H&M, Calvin Klein and have appeared in publications such as Vogue. Major life goals if you ask me. The content they share over instagram is visually captivating which generally shows off the gorgeous landscape of their home, in Sweden, and their original style. They’re cool, edgy, they seem really sweet, and kind of make me want to be their triplet!


Image Source @delanique

You can tell this woman is a life enthusiast. She seeks adventure and takes us along for the ride… even in the shower with her plants! Her classic and sophisticated sense of style sets her apart, she plays with colours and texture and her hairstyles are always on point. Her profile’s bio says “everyday skin is always in” — yep, i’m into it too.


Image Source @rickeythompson
If you want a good laugh and boost of confidence, PLEASE… go to Rickey Thompson’s page! You may have seen some of his videos in your feed because they are constantly shared (hello 5.7M followers!)! They are hilariously fabulous! His voice and command are like no other and just keep you watching over and over! If i’m having a moody day, all i need to do is watch a few of his videos and my mood is right back up to smiling from ear to ear. So, thank you Rickey for keeping us smiling during these times. P.S: having skin and arms muscles that long and lean are my 2021 resolutions.

Emma’s Loving:

Image Source @annemarieamber
I started following Anne-Marie over a year ago. Love her fashion style! She brings such a warmth to her content. It’s fun and playful. She’s based in Chicago so a lot of the fashion styles she puts together could easily be implemented here in Montreal.
Image Source @sweetpotatosoul
Food. So much food and gorgeous food. I’m not a vegan and everything on her page looks incredible. Drool worthy incredible. Don’t watch her stories when you’re hungry. Her desserts look phenomenal and if you didn’t guess by the handle, she uses sweet potatoes in a lot of her recipes. She made sweet potato blondies on her account the other day, can’t wait to try those out myself!
Image Source @vanessa_oblinsky
It’s only been a few days since I started following Vanessa. I saw her on a campaign with Influence All and just love her content. Her family, fashion and lifestyle and that puppy! What a cutie! She shows little snippets of her home decor and it’s simply stunning. Her office and kitchen are beautifully decorated. Cannot wait to see more.
Your turn! Share some content creators you’ve been loving!
Feature image via creator’s Instagram accounts.
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