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2020 has been quite the year, to say the least. It has been hard for everyone and we have learnt a lot about ourselves and others. When times are tough and the normalcy of everyday life is taken from us, we are forced out of our comfort zones. Being uncomfortable can bring on a large range of emotions. It’s safe to say that after this year we have been able to see the true colors of not only ourselves but the people around us. We had a big moment to slow down and see things differently and really focus on ourselves. Here are a few things 2020 has taught us. 


The first thing that affected most of us was a complete lack of control. Out of almost nowhere there was a worldwide virus that we had very little information about. From one day to the next we were living in a different reality and the feeling of being in control was no longer possible. 

We have had to learn a very valuable lesson and one that we will practice going forward. Focus on what you CAN control. Instead of spending time thinking about the things that are out of your control, refocus yourself on what you can control. It can be as simple as what you’re making for dinner or which online workout you are going to do. We have found that placing attention on the things we have the power over, helps us from stressing over what we have no power over. 


You can say that again! Yes, face masks, relaxing baths, long walks are all a part of caring for yourself and making yourself feel great is important, now more than ever. But we have learnt that self-care is so much more than a home facial. It’s how you talk to yourself, how you treat yourself and how you care for your mind, body, spirit. We tend to always put our own needs last and prioritize what those around us need. This is the year we learnt that we come first and then we help and cater those around us. If and only if it serves us! There is great power in becoming your own best friend and being as kind to yourself as you would be the person you admire most. Self-care is your relationship with you! Is it healthy? Are you your own biggest fan? We hope so, you got yourself through this year and you relied on you, you are pretty awesome! 


For years you hear people talking about the mind body connection. This year we were faced with stress, lots of it! Even if you think you weren’t that stressed, the unknown and lack of control in itself is extremely stressful on the body. Learning to control that internal dialogue into a positive, calming place has been really important and something most of us will continue to try and master. Start your day with 10 minutes of mindfulness, don’t grab your phone and spiral into the world of social media, be still, with your thoughts and put forward your intentions. If that is to destress and let go of what you can’t control, give yourself the moment to embed that notion into your head. Take a minute every few hours to come back to your intentions and you and your body will follow. 


Let’s face it, we all know this to be true but so many of us choose to ignore it and ultimately “wait” for the day we are forced to take better care of ourselves. Here at GLW we are all about prevention and thrive off feeling our best every day! This year has taught us that it doesn’t matter how many great parties you get invited to or how awesome your shoe collection is, without health you have nothing. When covid hit, most people were buying out the processed packaged foods leaving all the fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance. As time has gone on more and more have suffered from this virus, we are starting to understand that what we eat, how we move and the way we choose to live is the true secret. If you make your health your priority, you don’t need to live in fear. Trust that your body will help and serve you so long as you show it that same respect. 

These are the major takeaways we have really learnt and will continue to practice and appreciate. We hope these align with how you view this year and it’s only uphill from here… here’s to 2021!

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