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2020 was tough but taught us a lot. Many of the things we have learnt and opened our eyes to last year will change the way we do things in 2021. Here is what we think will be trending this year. 


Real food for the win:

Forget keto, paleo, whole 30 etc… It’s all about real food and less restrictions. The focus has shifted from constricting diets and are focused on cutting out processed foods and eating real whole foods. Packaged foods will always be around, but consumers are getting smarter and more educated on ingredients and how to pick what’s good and what’s not. We are all about it! 

Mental health is key: 

If we have learned anything in 2020 it’s that we need to take care of our minds. Our thoughts control so much of health and stress management is important. You can eat all the greens and superfoods but if you are not finding ways to lower your stress levels it won’t matter. Therapy is a helpful tool if you can afford it, finding online mentors through social media and podcasts can be a great way to get great tips as well! 


Meditation isn’t just for Yogis: 

Meditation in the wellness space is nothing new but it has become increasingly important with our high stress levels and inability to actually relax. Incorporating a just a few minutes a day has become as important as movement if not more important. Our minds need time to “shut down” and be still, it is necessary to enhance overall health and wellbeing. 

Get your nutrients from the source: 

If 2020 gave us anything it was more time. We all had a minute to slow down and go back to basics and we believe that 2021 is about getting back to the basics. Less powders and capsules and more real nutrients. Why take a protein powder that is packed with additives when you can simply use a variety of seeds. Consumers are becoming truly educated and beginning to understand that true wellness and nourishment cannot be mimicked and jarred. 


Low and slow: 

Low intensity workouts will be the “go to”, gone are the days of running on a treadmill for an hour a day. Studies have shown that doing low impact, slower movements are super beneficial and best for the body. We aren’t saying you will never do a HIIT workout again but the fitness game is changing to a less intense but just as effective place and we’re here for it! 

Body weight is the new heavy lifting: 

When covid first hit so many were forced to learn to work out without all the bells and whistles and surprisingly, the results are amazing. We no longer need to go super heavy to get the results we want.  


Radiate from within:

It’s no secret that great glowing skin starts with your diet and eating whole, unprocessed foods. Beauty supplements have been all the rage over the last couple years but this year we predict we will be seeing a push towards Schisandra berries, pearl powder and superfood berries like sea buckthorn and amla.  We are no strangers to these incredible superfoods, click here for more info. (link Schisandra, pearl and sea buckthorn).

Brand awareness is a necessity: 

If there is something we truly learnt in 2020 it’s that we can’t just purchase from brands based on packaging and great marketing. Brands need to stand behind their products and their business practices need to be inclusive for all. We as the consumer hold the power and we are using it to support the brands that truly deserve it. 


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