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It’s safe to say we are big fans of the clean beauty brand, Ilia. When they sent over their latest launch, The Clean Hydrating Lip Wrap we dove into it instantly. Firstly, the packaging is beautiful, clean and looks aesthetically pleasing on our nightstands. Obviously, it’s what’s inside that matters nice packaging is a bonus! 

Image Source: Ilia Beauty

This product is called a lip mask, many brands call their lip balms masks, which when you think about it they are because they stay on your lips and contain powerhouse ingredients that are nourishing and smoothing. For us, this is a balm and a great one at that. The texture is perfection, it’s not glossy, it’s truly a hydrating, balmy feel. Creamy and glides over the lips with ease, no tugging required. This isn’t going to be the final touch on your makeup routine but it can be the lip prep. 

This lip mask is ultra-hydrating and truly does wrap your lips with active levels of skin-soothing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, sea succulent, and our fave, papaya enzymes. Papaya contains exfoliating enzymes that buff away dead skin, improving the penetration of other ingredients gently. This product really does leave lips feel soft, refreshed, fuller and nourished. The perfect product for cold weather temperatures and great protection for outdoor activities to keep lips from chapping. This would also be great after a long day in the sun, during or after any sort of environmental exposure. 

I guess you can say The Ilia Lip Wrap has our stamp of approval and will be on our bedsides and in our purses until further notice! 


Feature image via Ilia Beauty

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