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I recently added burning Palo santo and walking around my home to my morning routine and I love it.

Palo santo, aka “holy wood” or “wood of the saints”, is from over 40 different types of trees grown worldwide, mostly throughout Central and South America. They produce beneficial antioxidant-rich oils that are used worldwide. These oils are used in aromatherapy, are known for fighting inflammation and stimulating the immune system.

Another use of palo santo’s aroma is, it’s said to rid the “bad energy. Clear negative thought prints and evil spirits”. You’ll often find someone doing this when they move into a new place, ridding the space of the old inhabitant and their aura.

Here are the top uses for Palo Santo essential oil

Immune Stimulator and Detoxifier
  • Supports immune system
  • Turns off inflammatory responses from poor diet, pollution, stress and illness
  • Helps recover from illness, fatigue and emotional pain
  • Supports emotional and spiritual health
  • Turns on body’s relaxation responses
  • Calms nervous system
  • Recharges energy levels
Headache Treatment
  • Combats migraines and stress-related headaches or bad moods
  • Lowers inflammation and increases blood flow
Cold or Flu Treatment
  • Fights infections and viruses
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Stops severity of feelings of dizziness, congestion and nausea
Joint and Muscle Pain Reducer
  • Lowers pain from arthritis, injuries, chronic neck or back pain and sore muscles
Bug/Mosquito Repellent
  • Used as incense to keep off mosquitoes
  • Also can combine with water and spray directly on skin
Allergy Reducer
  • Lowers inflammation and body’s response to histamines
  • Fights seasonal allergies, digestive issues and asthma related symptoms
Household Cleaner and Cleanser
  • Has cleansing effect on surfaces or air
  • Reduces odours, bacteria and viruses
  • Removes “bad energy”

Will you be adding this to your morning routine?



Photo: Knot and Bow

Information sourced via; Palo Santo’s Benefits for Immune Health and Inflammation

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  1. Yes, I added this to my morning routine a few weeks ago. I moved into a new house last year and someone gifted me Palo Santo as a house warming gift. I saw you using this in your stories and decided to give it a try. For me, it triggers my mindset to start the day with gratitude and love.

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