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I have been having a little love affair with incorporating an infrared heater into my mat workouts. I love Pilates and do it 3 times a week, now that studios and gyms are closed, I am doing it at home. I wanted to amp it up a little and was influenced by a woman I follow on Instagram @livingwithivey, who uses an infrared heater with a humidifier. I decided to order one for myself and I am so happy I did. 

There are a ton of health and beauty benefits to using infrared heat during your workouts. Heated workouts are nothing new but using infrared heat is a different kind of heat. It directly hits the body and deeply penetrates the skin rather than targeting the space around you. Infrared heat delivers all of the warmth of natural sunlight without exposing your body to harmful UV rays. 

Some benefits of using an infrared heater during your workout: 

Eliminates toxins

There’s something about sweating it all out that feels so rejuvenating, and science has evidence to back it up. Infrared heat makes us sweat, which helps remove harmful toxins that reside in our bodies, like heavy metals and environmental pollutants. This release of toxins strengthens our immune systems and digestive systems. 

Rejuvenates skin

Infrared heated workouts stimulate the production of collagen, which is the most abundant protein in the body. More collagen means less wrinkles, better skin tone and stronger skin elasticity. When you exercise in infrared heat, your skin will look healthier, softer, clearer, younger and more radiant in no time.

Improves mood

Exposing the body to infrared light is a stress relief method that boosts our serotonin levels, which makes us feel happier. One study even went as far to conclude that infrared heat mirrors the effects of antidepressants. The heat will add to your post workout endorphin flow, who wouldn’t want that, especially during these crazy times! 

Aids in weight loss

Using infrared panels or heaters increase your internal body temperature, so your body has to work harder to cool down. This thermoregulation process causes your heart rate and metabolic rate to skyrocket, so you end up burning more calories which can lead to faster results and weight loss. 

Lubricates muscles

Everyone in the fitness world stresses the importance of warming up and stretching before a workout to reduce risk of injury. When you’re working out with heaters the infrared heat loosens your muscles and warms up your body much faster than working out in an airconditioned room. The heat increases your flexibility, so you’ll be less prone to injuries and more inclined to push yourself and get results.

Increases blood circulation

A higher body temperature and a quicker heartbeat means that your heart pumps blood faster to your body tissue. With improved circulation and blood flow, your muscles will recover faster from that grueling sweat session. 

Relieves pain

Infrared heat releases nitric oxide, which improves your circulation, increases your blood flow and repairs your injured tissues by delivering more oxygen and nutrients. This process heals your aching muscles and throbbing joint pain by reducing inflammation and relaxing your muscles.

These are just some of the incredible benefits of incorporating an infrared heater or two to your workout! I just ordered a second one to go on each side of me because I love the way I feel post workout! I have attached the one I purchased and am really liking it. Added bonus is that it’s on wheels so I am able to move it around during my workout! 


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