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When Lauryn, the founder and woman behind The Skinny Confidential launched her first product I knew I wanted to support. When I found out it was a giant ice roller I was beyond thrilled and excited to try it because Lauryn is the queen of the de puff and facial massage. Of course, the packaging, color way and overall branding is beyond cute but that doesn’t necessarily mean the product would be great.

Source: The Skinny Confidential

Here is the 411, I am obsessed and no this is not your run of the mill ice roller you can get on Amazon for $10. Aside from all the bells and whistles mentioned earlier, great packaging, branding and the fact that it’s the perfect shade of pink. It is so nice to use! The roller is big, bigger than other ones I have tried, it does have a little squeak to it but nothing like the ones I have tried before. There is a comfortable silicone handle with a thumb grip to make it easy to hold and apply pressure.

We shared a reel on IG to show how I use it but to give you a little insight. I like to keep mine in the freezer, the colder the better in my opinion. I apply it on clean skin that’s been treated with all my serums and moisturizer, you can do it as well on your face before you apply your skin care. It’s a personal Preference I just feel like the ice closes the pores so I like to get in all of my activities before that and snatch up the face and seal it all in. The minute it touches your skin it’s Instantly refreshing and I do find there is a noticeable tightening effect. I don’t go crazy and use it for too long. I usually just roll over my face for about 3 to 4 minutes and it stays so nice and cold.

After all it is an ice roller so I use it on more places than just my face, when I have a little irritation like small rashes or itches that I don’t wanna scratch with my nails I love to use the roller to ease the discomfort. One of my friends actually purchased it to use on her son who is always getting banged up while playing and use it on his bruises or swelling. Because the roller is on the larger side it does cover more space quickly!

Probably my favourite thing to use this ice roller on is Over a sheet mask or eye patches, especially after a night of drinking or eating foods that make me feel puffy and swollen! It’s definitely more of a splurge than your average ice roller but I think it’s worth every penny it also makes an amazing gift item and we even featured it in her Mother’s Day gift guide this year.

In addition to the ice roller, The Skinny Confidential launched the HOT shave razor!

Source: The Skinny Confidential

A refillable razor designed for women’s faces that gently removes unwanted facial hair and peach fuzz. Complete with an easy-to-use and comfortable handle, as well as a conveniently placed finger divot for better grip and easy control, this is not your average face razor.

Stay tuned for these items dropping on the GLW Shop tomorrow Tuesday April 26th!

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