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Favourite Sunglasses of the Moment

Summertime outfits are not complete without sunglasses. The GLW team partnered with Trendsavvy to show off their favourite sunglasses of the moment.

Before ordering any pair of sunglasses, you want to set yourself up to select the best pair to fit your face. Find out first what shape of face you have.

After that, you can select the best style for you.

These are just guidelines you could follow to select a pair for your face shape. Always take into account your own personal style when making a selection.

Katherine’s face shape is square.

Long frames to cover the width of the face.

Emma’s face shape is oval.

Love a good cat eye style but for the second pair went a little more dramatic.

Ana’s face shape is oval.

Oversized for a more dramatic look.

All these styles can be found on Trendsavvy Be sure to use code KGMTL at checkout for 20% off your order!

What style of sunglasses are you wearing now?

Feature image via the Sunglasses Project.

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