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The GLW Team is here to share the top 3 GLW Shop products they are currently loving!


1- African Botanics Lucent Pearl Booster: Obsessed in an understatement. I have been using this since January and have noticed a significant difference in my skin. There have been periods where I run out and have to take a week or so off and I see it in my skin. This serum really plumps up the skin and has a lifting effect. It also leaves the skin looking so dewy and glowy that its hard to skip it in my morning routine. 

2- Sacahajuan Hair Wax: Another cant live without product for me. I only wash and style my hair once a week so on the last day or two I rely on a slick back style to carry me over until my next wash and style. This wax is exceptional. It slicks and holds like no other without being too stiff or giving you a “helmet head”. You can also apply smaller amounts when needed for fly aways. 

3- Spring Defense Tonic: I often get mild seasonal allergies and when it comes to natural remedies its important to start before the season to get the full benefits. I started incorporating this tincture into my daily routine in early march and can gladly say I have not had any allergy symptoms. I am really blown away at how well this works when used the right way and strongly suggest it for anyone suffering with allergies. 


1- Fearless Mama Belly Butter:  Every morning and night I use this belly butter. Leaves my skin soft and feeling nourished.

2- Neon Superbrush: Doesn’t pull the hair at all. I use it on wet hair and while blow drying. 

3- Lemon Squeezer: An oldie but a goodie. I use the lemon squeezer almost every night while making dinner. It’s the best! I will never squeeze a lemon another way. 


1- January Labs Restorative Tonic Mist: I use this mist so many times in a day, I cannot live without it. I use it before and after my skincare and even throughout my makeup routine to keep my skin feeling and looking fresh. 

January Labs Tonic

2- Dedcool Xtra Milk Perfume: I’ve always had a hard time finding the perfect everyday or night perfume but this one is a winner. I have never gotten more compliments on a scent before this one. You can layer it with other scents but on its own it smells clean, warm and unique! 


3- Skin & Senses Shine Body Oil (Luminous Scent): This body oil is a dream. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky and it doesn’t transfer onto your clothes like many oils do. It really leaves your skin feeling hydrated and looking super glowy. 

Skin&Senses Body Oil


1- Facile Dew You – The best hyaluronic acid I’ve ever tried! I use it every morning after my moisturiser and before my makeup for a dewy no makeup, makeup look.

2- Facile Lip Jelly Tint – I have the Lip Jelly’s in every shade. The perfect gloss to apply multiple times a day. I keep one in my purse, my car, everywhere.

3- Sachajuan Ocean Mist Salt Spray – Perfect for wash and go hair days. Gives me the best beach waves.


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