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Wellbel men is a hair supplement for men (duh!). Unlike traditional nutraceuticals, Wellbel Men eliminates filler ingredients—using precise concentrations of drug-free, all-natural compounds proven to generate strong and successful results! 

Wellbel Men is a single dose of three capsules once a day (whatever time you prefer, with food is recommended)! The product is safe, natural, clean and effective—without concern of potentially harmful sexual side effects. Wellbel Men is suitable for most adults 18 years and older, who are not completely bald (always recommend consulting with your healthcare provider if you have any questions).

What makes Wellbel men different from Finasteride (propecia)? 

Finasteride, a prescription drug, only targets hair loss with a single ingredient, Wellbel Men is a drug-free, vegan supplement formulated to provide the benefits of Finasteride without concern of sexual side effects. Wellbel Men supports hair growth using a multi-prong approach. A higher concentration of Saw Palmetto triggers the same receptors as Finasteride.

Wellbel Men has a higher dose of Saw Palmetto compared to Wellbel Glamlab, which decreases DHT, the form of testosterone responsible for male pattern baldness. In addition, Zinc and Copper were added which are important for testosterone conversion and improve hair integrity.

You may start seeing noticeable results from Wellbel Men after at least 90 days. As with all supplements, the longer you continue them, the more robust results you will see.

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