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There are a lot of ‘Tik Tok’ trends out there that we feel no need to try and then there are the ones that we get asked about on repeat, like Slugging. Slugging is a simple practice that requires “applying an occlusive like petrolatum to the face before bedtime,” explains board-certified dermatologist Dr Hadley King. Many do it with straight up Vaseline, others do with Aquafor  and truth be told, it sounds like doing this would create a face filled with blemishes. However, the ‘Slugging’ technique of slathering a heavy duty petroleum like jelly to your skin as the final step in your nighttime skincare routine is said to leave you with baby soft skin the next morning. 

Of course, here at GLW we “need to know ” and as a team decided to give this new trend a try. When we first discussed doing this immediately both Katherine and Gio said they had done it numerous times in the past without knowing it was a “thing”. Katherine has sworn by using Egyptian Magic Cream, which is an occlusive textured ointment made from almost all the Bee proponents. Egyptian Magic Cream contains ingredients like, Beeswax, olive oil, bee propolis, royal jelly just to name a few. Katherine uses it regularly when dealing with breakouts due to the antimicrobial properties of these ingredients. Gio also has used Egyptian Magic Cream as a last layer in his skincare routine when dealing with dry skin. 

Either way, we decided to stick with Egyptian Magic Cream and try it individually as a team and give you our feedback. 



As mentioned above, this is nothing new for me. I have been asked about my thoughts on slugging for a while now and didn’t realize it was something I already had been doing for years. It’s been a while since I’ve done it so I gave it another whirl. 

I applied Egyptian Magic Cream after all my serums and my regular moisturizer. I let it sit for a good 30 minutes without letting my face touch my pillow. My skin tends to drink up products and I do well with heavy weight moisturizers.  When I woke up my skin was plump, glowing and super soft. I will definitely add this to my routine one time a week for a little extra love and moisture. 



I always loved Egyptian Magic from the first time I used it a few years ago (thanks to Katherine). I took a hold on using it often when I got more into skincare and was building a more serious routine. However, it is an OG skincare product that I always have on-hand and in vanity. I also restocked on it when it arrived on the GLW shop.

I never knew what “slugging” meant but when I realized what it entailed, it was actually exactly what I used to do with Egyptian Magic back in the day. So, that’s exactly what I did again after doing my full night time routine. I layered a pretty substantial amount all over my face and let it sit for 15-20 minutes before going into bed. I looked oily AF, but it felt nice (image below for reference lol). 

When I woke up, the product had clearly absorbed and my skin felt super soft and I was glowing! To no surprise, Egyptian Magic did not disappoint. I will definitely begin to do this regularly, especially with the weather changes! 


Not going to lie, this sounded super weird and gross. I didn’t want to sleep with it on my face and get it all over my pillows. So naturally I put a towel around my pillow to make sure if I moved in the night, it wouldn’t get all gross. My dog also sleeps in my bed, so that was interesting keeping him from smelling it all the time.  He tried to lick it a few times too. 

Like Gio and Katherine both said, you wake up and your skin is glowing. It’s quite remarkable actually. I thought it would have clogged my pores and been all sticky when I woke up. Nope it was absorbed nicely and left the skin feeling very soft. Will definitely be doing this again!




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