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While adaptogens seem like the hot new health product in town these powerful roots, plants and herbs have been used to treat ailments for hundreds of years. In short, adaptogens help the body’s hormonal response to stress and help our bodies adapt to stress better. In today’s society we are always on the go, our minds are always running and we are constantly stressed out. These magical herbs have a unique ability to “adapt” their functions according to what one’s body needs. They have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine and for as long as I can remember in my household thanks to my dad. If you remember, he is also the one who introduced me to many of the health supplements and so many of the other life hacks that I have integrated into my daily routine. I like to switch up different adaptogens based on my specific needs at the time and below are some of my faves.

I like to pick an adaptogen based off what my body needs. I will generally stick to 1 or 2 daily and then after 3 or 4 months, I’ll switch it up. I like to change up adaptogens every few months to keep my body guessing. It’s important to mention that unlike conventional medications, adaptogens do not work immediately… It’s important to take them daily and you should notice the powerful effects over time.

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Those are the main adaptogens I integrate into my daily routine, these are key for my supplement rotation. Others are ginseng, licorice root, the rest of the medicinal mushrooms like lions mane, cordyceps, chaga… To name a few. If this is a topic of interest, I encourage you to do research and add some of your own your daily routine. Maybe you can even teach me a thing or two about the ones you like.

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