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With extraordinary ingredients, functional formulas and a lasting commitment to ethical trade and sustainable biodiversity, African Botanics is the embodiment of the profound connection to South Africa. They believe in high-performance skincare that marries nature, research and technology in perfect harmony. Their enduring philosophy embraces wellness for skin, body and spirit in equal balance, while practising an abiding respect for our earth.

African Botanics is made in the heart of South Africa, where the rich culture and scenic beauty inspires everything they do. Renowned for its biodiversity, the region is comprised of a staggering eight distinct biomes – from Savanna to Nama Karoo – simply unparalleled for its magnificent variety of flora and fauna. Many of the botanicals native to South Africa have been used for thousands of years for their effective medicinal properties. These plants are so unique, they cannot be grown in any other climate. African Botanics products are inspired by the vast biodiversity of the landscape; our bespoke formulations are a celebration of these potent raw materials.

Their holistic formulating process allows them to combine the best of clean phyto-actives, lush textures and advanced chemistry to enhance performance and delivery. They begin with biological ingredients of natural origin, which hold especially high levels of antioxidants, natural peptides and omegas. The ingredients are tested three times (for potency, stability and toxicology) over the course of the production process. To ensure they deliver the most noticeable results possible, African Botanicals utilize advanced lab technology to maximize the potency of these actives. Every active ingredient that they use meets a strict set of criteria: effective and clinically proven for compatibility with your skin. 


The results: Formulas that are extremely effective in preventative aging, cell regeneration, protection against environmental stressors and maintaining the skin’s equilibrium.


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