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C & The Moon was founded on the belief that the way we care for ourselves has a direct impact on how we care for our planet. The founder, Carson Meyer started by making skincare products in the kitchen in Malibu while growing up. Her mother, an environmental activist in stilled in her at a young age to steer away from conventional toxic products. These values and pride in making her own products lead her to create her first product, The Malibu Made Body Scrub.

Katherine tried out the scrub months ago and instantly fell in love. Not only is the product excellent, but the smell is incredible! We knew right away that C & The Moon was a must have on the GLW Shop!

Here are the products we will be carrying! 

C & The Moon Malibu Made Body Scrub 

All natural vanilla brown sugar body exfoliator that gently removes dead skin cells and replenishes the skin with hydrating organic oils and food-grade vanilla.

HOW KG USES THIS: In the shower or the bath, with an exfoliating mitt, or the palm of your hand rub the scrub in circular motions. This is great to use before your spray tan! 


C & The Moon Malibu Made Glow Oil

This luxurious blend of organic oils and food grade vanilla nourishes and moisturizes both skin and hair while providing a delicious and soothing aroma.

HOW KG USES THIS: After the shower or bath. A little goes a long way! Just a few drops and rub it in. 

Feature image via C & The Moon.

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