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Established in 2016, Laka Flow is Inspired by rich biodiverse superfoods and spirits only found on the islands. The foundation of Laka is in the connection with nature’s healing properties.

Where does the name come from?

LAKA – The goddess of Hula and Wild Woods. Said to be the inspiration one thinks of while they dance, she is what causes the movement while the dancer is moved. Her reproductive energy enriches one to grow and thrive. A light that nourishes plant life. She ignites the feminine in all.

FLOW – A natural high. The optimal state of presence, clarity and function. Where mind-body-spirit is fluid. You are fully immersed. Distractions disappear. Time slows. Senses elevate. Dopamine surges. You are in love with the moment and excel at whatever the task.

LAKA FLOW – Where sacred meets science. The essence of divine balance. Cues in the day to check-in + refuel. Community that cares deeply.


We are thrilled to be carrying the Laka Matcha on the GLW shop! 

LAKA Matcha™ is of the highest varietals of ceremonial-grade matcha and is carefully crafted in custom batches to meet our 3 pillars of quality: taste, color, and purity. Shade-dried, freshly ground to order, and third party tested for absolute purity, LAKA Matcha™ is a daily supplement enjoyed for longevity, energy, metabolism, beauty, and brain function.*

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