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As many of you know I have been in and out of fertility or as many call it “infertility” world for the last four years. I have had my share of experience dealing with this topic and while it’s incredibly difficult to emotionally and physically go through it is so important to share what I have learnt and how to take control and advocate for yourself.

Because the topic is so sensitive and so private for most it is unfortunately not spoken about nearly as much as it should be. If more people came forward and shared their experiences, the information they have learnt from going through these situations so many would not only feel less alone, isolated and scared but also would save so much time. The reason why a lot of time gets wasted while handling and dealing with fertility is that there isn’t as much information available as there should be. While I don’t feel comfortable sharing my own personal stories over the past few years, I do want to spread awareness, share my knowledge and be here to advocate for those who feel confused about where to begin, how to be proactive and how to adjust your mindset.

This is just the beginning of a bigger conversation. Hopefully we will expand and get deeper into this topic and address more specific scenarios, bring on specialists to help and just band together! In the video below I answer some basic questions about fertility, getting on top of it and family planning, whether you are wanting a child now or in a few years! 

Have some questions about fertility and family planning? Leave them in the comments below.


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Katherine Garbarino, AKA KGMTL, has been building her online presence for the past 3 years. An open book about almost everything, KG’s voice has become a household sound, with an incredible and dedicated fanbase; obsessed with her knowledge of health, wellness, fashion and fitness.

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  1. i loved this, thank you so much. I am on month 6 of trying. super long cycles — 34-50 days. I am trying to stay off google cause I think it’s making me more anxious. Appreciate how brave you are!

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