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Backed by science, designed by Dr. Dan, Wellbel is formulated for the after. For the hair you shake, the skin you show off, and the nails you tap in anticipation.

Glamlab by Wellbel is a science-backed and doctor formulated supplement designed specifically to improve the vitality of your hair, skin and nails. It provides the key nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and the building blocks to support collagen and keratin formation. 

Glamlab provides Betaine HCL, which helps to promote efficient digestion and assimilation of protein and minerals necessary for hair and nail health. It includes MSM, which provides a bioavailable source of sulphur, for connective tissue integrity. Saw palmetto is added to support normal levels of DHT, known to play a role in the thickness and health of hair. In addition, silica (from horsetail grass extract) is included for its collagen enhancing properties. Each serving contains 325 mg MSM, 100 mg betaine HCl and 240 mg saw palmetto. Added support from vitamin A, D3, methylfolate, B12, biotin and selenium provide a full spectrum of skin, hair and nail support.

All WellBel products are evidence-based. The most reliable evidence comes in the form of well-controlled human clinical trials, published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. This is the standard they aim for when considering which ingredients to include in our formulas. However, they also honor the historical data of thousands of years of traditional use, as well as the direct observations of health care practitioners in clinical practices.

Glamlab is a single dose of three capsules once a day! You can open the capsules and add them to your favorite smoothie or yogurt. It is suitable for most women 18 years and older who are not pregnant or lactating. 

To learn more about Glamlab by Wellbel, visit their website: https://wellbel.com/

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