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February is the new Jan (right?) and it’s time to talk about your hair. Yes, it can be overwhelming to change your hair cut, colour & or style, but it’s time to live a little and try something new! Melissa @hairbygrec is here to talk about the top 5 hair trends in 2023 that’ll (hopefully) give you that motivation to change things up a lil’. 

90s Nostalgia

The 90s trends and styles have more recently made a major comeback when it comes to fashion! Well, the hairstyles of the 90s are also reemerging! (not all, but some!) Who remembers Jen Aniston’s infamous 90s layers? Well guess what, they’re back and hotter than ever. Layers are the perfect cut choice for all women who want to have a fun, elevated cut. They frame your face beautifully and give you that effortless, chic look. 

The Butterfly Cut

Similar but not entirely the same as layers! The butterfly cut is a layered look that has endless styling possibilities, and is the rare cut that lets you switch things up without having to chop it all off. If you are looking to maintain your long locks but still be on trend, the Butterfly cut is for you. Keeping your length and creating a “U” shaped cut with layers all while framing your face with effortless chic curtain bangs will give you the look you are aiming for! 

The Bob 

Always trendy, a bob is always a go-to hair transformation! If you are looking to switch it up a little, the J-ob (jaw length bob) is having its moment right now – so get on it. 

A Good Blowout 

Moving on to styling, blowouts are back! Think big, bouncy hair to go with your new luscious layers (it’s a win-win). Nothing feels better than walking out of the salon with a good, fresh blowout! 

Say hello to colour! 

Who said Blondes have more fun? This is your time to fall in love with something warmer! We’re talking brunette, dark golden blonde and rich coppers! All around chic. 

All in all, have fun with your hair! Do not overthink it and just feel good with it! 

Melissa is a senior hairdresser / stylist with over 16 years experience!

You can find her at PURE salon downtown or follow her on instagram at @hairbygrec

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