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Today on Katherine’s Instagram live, she talks oral health with Dr. Mardi.

April is Oral Health Awareness month and we wanted to shed some light on the importance of oral health, debunk a few myths and talk about a more holistic approach.

Dr. Mardi is a Montreal based general and aesthetic dentist. She is a 30 year old new mom with her own clinic, currently expanding to a bigger space. It’s been 2,5 years that she owns her own practice and is loving every moment of it. She is one of very few woman that opened a practice from scratch in their first 5 year post-grad. Her practice is mostly based on preventative oral care and cosmetic dentistry. They are very big on preventing jaw issues and Invisalign. She has a whole-health treatment evaluation with each patient for a more personalized approach of the whole body and mind. Dr. Mardi and team believe strongly that a person’s oral health should be at the top of their health care routine.  Besides this holistic approach She is also against the use of any amalgam, due to mercury toxicity. They only use biocompatible materials to do fillings. She uses salt water instead of conventional medicated mouthwashes. They use aromatherapy with diffusers at the clinic and are big believers of all the benefits of turmeric, cumin and green tea on overall and oral health. Also supplements of Vitamin D and calcium are part of the regimen. The staff and clientele are young and they just have fun at work.

Image Source: Dr. Mardi Instagram

Dr. Mardi takes a personalized approach to each patient. Discussing all aspects of what’s going on in your life to offer the patients a full 360 health overview.

Katherine and Dr. Mardi discuss if it’s safe for pregnant women to go to the dentist? What’s the deal on fluoride, is it good or not good? What toothpaste brands are better to use? Does the color on the toothpaste packaging mean something? Teeth whitening, how to do it?

Be sure to check out the full video HERE.

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