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Sunscreen is a major topic these days because the weather is warmer, the sun is shining, there are a lot of events happening and trips taking place. Protecting your skin is so important for so many reasons but using the right products is equally as important. 

So many studies have come out recently showing the increase in skin cancer rates since the sunscreen industry became popular. Many of the conventional, chemical screen products on the market are creating more damage than anything else. It’s extremely important to be aware of what you’re using as sun protection, for yourself and your families. 

Something important to note is there are 2 types of SPF out there – chemical and physical. 

Chemical Sunscreen is made with chemical compounds that absorb UV rays instead of deflect. The most common chemical compounds used are oxybenzone, octinoxate, octisalate and avobenzone. These chemicals change UV rays into heat, which is released from the skin and scattered. These are generally thinner in texture, clear and take 20 minutes to start working. 

Physical Sunscreen is also known as sun block. Generally based with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, this type of SPF works by sitting on top of the skin to deflect the damaging UV rays away from the skin. This is the type I use and suggest using because it is more natural and less abrasive on the skin. Often these will leave a white cast but in the past few years there have been amazing products put onto the market that do not. 

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Katherine Garbarino, AKA KGMTL, has been building her online presence for the past 3 years. An open book about almost everything, KG’s voice has become a household sound, with an incredible and dedicated fanbase; obsessed with her knowledge of health, wellness, fashion and fitness.

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