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Supplement Spotlight: Arrae Calm

These all natural capsules are a blend of 4 herbs, minerals and vitamins that work together to help relax the body and mind. Perfect for those anxious flyers, those who need some help for uninterrupted sleep or need some ease with those stressful days at work. 

Katherine can attest that these work. She’s used them a few times while flying and is completely calm without any groggy feeling afterwards. 

Image Source: Arrae

These capsules are great for:

DECREASES ANXIETY & PANIC – In a natural & gentle way, minus any drowsiness.

LOWERED STRESS = BETTER DIGESTION – Get your cortisol under control to facilitate seamless digestion.

PROMOTES RESTFUL SLEEP – By relaxing the body and mind and promoting calming alpha brain waves.

Image Source: Arrae
Made up of 4 ingredients:

L-THEANINE – for anxiety

INOSITOL – for reducing panic

PASSIONFLOWER – for relaxation


As Arrae likes to call them; Your All-Natural Chill Pill.


Emma started her journey after graduating from Fashion Marketing and then Public Relations. After working for a few fashion companies, Emma met Katherine in 2018 after collaborating with her. Emma is now the COO and manages the day-to-day operations and marketing communications of KGMTL and Girls Living Well. Emma is a handbag feen and avid reader.

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