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KG has been eating organic for years, however, it took awhile for her to adapt to this way of life because she truly didn’t want to spend the extra money. Fact. Now that her thought process has changed and she has done the research and learnt and felt the benefits of eating organic, she realized that there is nothing more important to spend my money on – we are what we eat, aren’t we? Since starting #GirlsLivingWell, she has actually converted the whole team to eat this way and we all preach the importance of eating organic.

What is organic? Organic food is the product of a farming system which avoids the use of MAN-MADE fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, and livestock feed additives. Irradiation and the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or products produced from or by GMOs are generally prohibited by organic legislation. Furthermore, conventional non-organic farming that uses chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers is actually contaminating our environment by creating large dead zones in bodies of water. You see, only 0.1 percent of pesticides make it to their target, leaving 99.9 percent to adversely affect the environment around them. 

So what’s the deal with pesticides anyway? Why are they so bad? Pesticides lead to many health issues. These potent chemicals have put our health in great danger because we are consuming them daily. The issue is that pesticides are “loved” by farmers and large food corporations because they prevent pests and prevent disease (in the plant) and yield larger crops for the farmers. The larger the HEALTHY crops, the larger the HEALTHY payout. Some health problems that have been linked to pesticides include infertility for both males and females, cancers, brain damage, developmental delays and issues in children, organ failures, birth defects, skin issues and irritations. Some of the chemicals used to grow non-organic foods are actually called obesogens. These chemical compounds are known to disrupt hormonal systems and actually make it harder to lose weight. The truth is that more than 3,000 high-risk toxins, including pesticides, are, by law, excluded from certified organic products. And third-party testing and inspections hold farms accountable to this standard.

When going organic, there are 2 lists that you should adhere to during your shopping trips. The first is the DIRTY DOZEN – these are fruits and vegetables that contain high levels of pesticides when buying non-organic. The second list is the CLEAN FIFTEEN – these are fruits and vegetables that are known to have less pesticides and therefore can be bought non-organic. 



YES living an organic lifestyle is more costly, BUT organic foods have been found to contain more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients than conventionally grown food. So, you really do get more bang for your buck in many instances, but that’s not all. By choosing organic, you’re not just getting more nutrition, you’re also avoiding dozens of chemical pesticides linked to all types of health problems. Foods literally taste better (they taste how they were MEANT to taste) and the nutrients get absorbed better. When we digest better and absorb nutrients properly, we in turn experience zero or less inflammation. 

Lastly, organic farming is a more sustainable option and better for the environment. Organic farming rebuilds soil health and stops harmful chemicals from getting into our water supplies. Water and soil are two extremely important resources necessary for growing food. Organic farmers don’t rely on non-renewable oil-based fertilizers and pesticides we may not always have access to. Organic farming results in greater biodiversity and Organic farming releases fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Plain and simple: eating organic makes our bodies feel good. We are only given one body and we suggest that is not a corner you choose to cut when it comes to health. We totally get how this can all be overwhelming, but we have two words for you: BABY STEPS. Good luck and bon appetit. 

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