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The Human Design System: Who Are You?

Imagine having a “manual” for your life? The manual would help guide you in different areas of your life by outlining your skills, your strengths and your weaknesses. This manual would help you get to know yourself better so you can see which areas you need to improve on and how you operate and make decisions.

That’s what the Human Guide is all about and it’s one of the reasons that the team at GLW we’re so intrigued by it. 

What is the Human Design system?

In short, the Human Design system is a tool for human understanding. It helps you discover how you are different from everyone else and offers profound insights into your psychology. 

The Human Design Chart

The Human Design Chart calculates your “personality” and your “design”.

To generate your chart, you’ll need your actual time of birth. This is what’s used to calculate your “personality” chart and will be shown in black next to symbols of the planets. These calculations describe characteristics attributed to your personality and are ones that you can recognize since you have conscious access to your personality. 

To generate your “design” chart, the Human Design calculates the position of the Sun approx. 88 days or 88 degrees prior to the moment of your birth. This calculation will show up in red on the left side of the chart. Your “design” shows you characteristics attributed to the nature of your unconscious. This one is particularly important because you don’t have direct access to your unconscious. This information or “intelligence” usually manifests through certain characteristics that other people can see more clearly than you can.

Your BodyGraph

Within the Human Design Chart, you’ll notice a body graph. An idea behind Human Design is that who you are is written in both pen and pencil.

Anything you see coloured in, in your BodyGraph is known as “definition”. This is what is fixed and reliable within you, it’s who you are down to the core and it determines how you express certain skills.

The parts in pencil are your “conditioning”. These represent the parts of you that are receptive and open. These traits are not fixed and can be changed. 

The Human Design Chart is very detailed so we won’t go into too much detail here since it would take us all day to explain each component but you can check out the Jovian Archive online which explains The Human Design Chart in its entirety. 

However, there are some key components of The Human Design System that are important to understand.

The Four Types

Humanity is divided into four types: Manifestors, Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors. 

Generators are dominant and make up 70% of the population. They’re known as the driving force of the planet and their strategy is to respond. Think of fight or flight… when the going gets tough, generators always fight. Their goal is to find satisfaction and avoid frustration.

Projector make up 20% of the population. Rather than being the first to respond, they wait for the invitation.

Manifestors are 9% of the population. By contrast, manifestors want to inform before they act in order to find peace and avoid anger. They are a little more closed off.

Reflectors make up only 1% of the population. Their strategy is to wait a full cycle of the moon before any decision making in order to find clarity and be less disappointed. 

So are you ready to really understand who you are and why you do the things you do?

You can get your free Human Design Chart here

Images via Jovian Archive

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